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Strategic Planning

Maxima Reverentia Pueris Debetur: "Greatest Respect Is Due Students"

The Pingry School's motto, “Greatest Respect Is Due Students”, continues to serve as a crucial touchstone, emphasizing the centrality of the student experience in all that we do.

As we chart our course for the future with Pingry’s next strategic plan, we will anchor in our student-centric orientation while empowering our professional community to blend tradition with innovation, infuse the principles of integrity and ethics in and beyond the classroom, and vividly and authentically bring to life what makes Pingry, well, Pingry:

  1. Our Honor Code is the soul of Pingry

  2. We strike an inspiring balance

  3. We’re rooted in relationships

  4. Our academic program looks ahead

  5. We strengthen the Pingry culture together

  6. We support students regardless of their financial circumstances

  7. We graduate good people

"Excellence and Honor" are not just words at Pingry; this mantra profoundly resonates with our community, who continue to show up and excel in the classroom and beyond. We are excited to embark on this journey together with you all and are grateful to be starting from a position of strength and with great purpose.

Community Listening Sessions

Strategic Planning Leadership and Partners



The strength and success of our school depends on thoughtful input from our community. We invite you to share your ideas about possible initiatives and priorities to be included in Pingry’s strategic plan.


From the Office of the Head of School

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