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Reasons We Love School

We Love School

Upper School Career Day

Each fall, dozens of fascinating and accomplished alumni are invited back to make connections with Pingry students.

Homecoming Weekend

Each spring, students, employees, parents, and alumni flock to campus to reconnect and cheer on Big Blue in various athletic competitions.

Hostetter Arts Gallery

A feature of the Hostetter Arts Wing, this gallery features a constant rotation of the works of outstanding artists and visionaries.

The John Hanly Lecture on Ethics and Morality

This annual speaker series encourages students to explore life's complex decisions within an ethical framework. 

100+ Clubs and Activities

There is something for everyone. And if it doesn't exist yet, create it.

7 Student-Run Publications

Pingry students have always had a lot to say. Our suite of student-run publications provide the platform to share ideas and opinions.

7 Outdoor Community Gathering Spaces

Across all three of our campuses, we have spaces designed for our students to connect and unwind.

Our Student-Led Honor Board

Guided by our student-written Honor Code, our student-elected Honor Board leads by example.

35 Sports Offered

90%+ of students play an interscholastic sport.

30+ Musical or Theatrical Performances Per Year

Our students step into the spotlight to share their artistic expression and talents with the larger community. 

Community and Civic Engagement

Our Upper School students complete 7,500 hours every year dedicated to community and civic engagement. 

3 Campuses

Three distinct campuses dedicated to providing our students with the space and resources needed to thrive.