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What It Takes: Trey Maultsby and Taylor Francis Reach 1,000 Points
Sara Courtney

What does it take to play basketball at such an elite level that you reach the notable achievement of 1,000 career points in three years? This year, Pingry had not one but two athletes reach this unique milestone. In fact, in the history of the school, only 7 players from the boys team and only 2 players from the girls team have ever accomplished this feat. Their names are hanging on a banner in Bristol Gym, and it’s been a while since that banner was updated. Then along came Trey Maultsby ’24 and Taylor Francis ’25 and they decided they’d like to see their names on that banner too.

What it takes, sure enough, is a zealous competitive streak hidden behind a sometimes-humble, sometimes-cocky attitude and a relentless determination to win. We checked in with Trey and Taylor and asked them to share how they achieved this notable distinction in high school sports.

For Trey, he quickly deflects the accolades, preferring instead to praise his teammates and emphasize that the ultimate goal is always about winning. Yet, when pressed, he can’t help but smile. “It’s been in the back of my head since Middle School. When I would walk in the gym, I would look at the 1,000 point board and think it would be so cool to be up there.”


Calling it a “mini dream come true”, Trey kept a quiet tally of his accumulating points. “I didn’t focus on it… but I have to admit it was always in the back of my head… I admit I was calculating points in my head each time [I scored].”

While his teammates celebrated his accomplishment and with his parents there to take in the reward of all his hard work, he can’t help but reflect on what it means to him, especially knowing his name will be on that banner that he looked up to so many years ago. “It makes me feel like I’m a part of something special.”

For Taylor, having her family in attendance—including a surprise visit from her older brother Jake, who came back from college for the occasion—allowed her to revel in the moment. Once again pushing the focus towards the accomplishments of her team over her own, she nonetheless always dreamed of having her name on that banner too. “A thousand points is the only achievement that’s got that banner in Bristol Gym,” she says. When Coach Hoepfl would hold preseason meetings and ask his players what their goals were, Taylor wanted to contribute to the success of her team overall—and, while she was at it, she was determined to get to 1,000 points.

With her ubiquitous pink headband adding to her competitive flair, Taylor credits growing up in a house with two competitive brothers as part of the reason she is so unstoppable. “I always felt like I had to work harder to do things… and to prove myself.”

With their dogged determination, the 1,000 point banner will now hold their names for all to see, no doubt inspiring future players to quietly start tallying up their points, too.



Photos by Bruce Morrison.

To contact the author: Sara Courtney, Communications Writer