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This or That w/Matt
Sara Courtney


Matt Lombardo ’24 has got impeccable taste, and he’s here to elevate your standards. Welcome to his inaugural column, This or That w/Matt.


Ham or turkey?

Definitely Ham, Turkey is only good for making you sleepy and giving you nightmares about your relatives.  


Mashed potatoes or stuffing?

Mashed potatoes, hands down. Stuffing is just soggy bread with questionable ingredients. Who knows what’s in there?


Canned cranberry sauce or homemade?

Neither, thank you. Cranberry sauce is just a glorified jelly from a sci-fi movie that nobody eats. It’s only there for decoration.


Parade or football game?

Football, obviously. How many times can you watch a giant Snoopy float by? The 20th time my eyes start to glaze over.


Cook (meal) or clean (dishes)?

Cook, for sure. Cleaning dishes is a thankless chore that never ends. Plus, you get to eat what you cook, so it’s a win-win.


Fighting with siblings or getting along?

Get along for sure. You never know when they might snap and stab you with a fork.


Pie or cookies?

Cookies. Unless it’s a good apple pie—not store-bought. Pie is tricky to make and easy to mess up. Cookies are simple and satisfying.






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