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Sports Roundup XV
Sara Courtney

Where we’re going, and where we’ve been, in sports.

This past week:


  • In Boys Varsity BaseballAlex Payne '24 throws a sweeper.


  • Worldwide Lacrosse Stick shortage leads Boys Varsity Lacrosse players to use Jazz Band instruments instead. “It’s not the same,” says Asher Ziv '24, while holding a trombone, “and I can’t stress that enough.”


  • In Girls Varsity Softball, Saturday's game was paused to welcome Pingry’s lovable mascot, the Bear, which is now a very real and slightly agitated bear. In related news, Taylor Francis '25 has not been seen since the 4th inning.



  • And in more Varsity Baseball news, the team brought home a resounding win yesterday, with the game being momentarily paused for a brief protest.



Coming up:

  • Pingry’s Ski Teams defies expectations to become a Spring Sport. “It’s awesome to be able to ski under the glaring sun,” enthuses Matt Lombardo '24, “though wiping out in the rocks and dirt definitely hurts a little bit more."


  • Shoehei Ohtani is offering a spring intensive internship to anyone interested in finance.


  • Associate Head Coach of Boys Varsity Soccer David Fahey aired a grievance or two over the many rules of Water Polo, before announcing he is embarking on a journey as the new Assistant Water Polo Coach—provided, of course, he can learn those rules while mastering the art of staying afloat.


  • And finally, in preparation for the upcoming World Cup 2026 being held in New Jersey, Pingry’s World Cup Field is receiving extra care, including being spritzed daily with Evian water, serenaded by the Balladeers and Buttondowns, and cleats no longer being allowed on the field—with the exception of anyone by the last name of Messi.




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