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For Pingry, A New Sport, Complete With Lemonade Breaks
Sara Courtney

Ngozi Nnaeto ’24 never expected to try a new sport her senior year of high school, but then again, the passion for croquet has a tendency to sneak up on people. In between college decisions and senioritis, Ngozi decided she simply wasn’t busy enough. With the sudden addition of this new spring sport, students across the Basking Ridge campus have brought their competitive spirit to the the game of croquet.

“It’s a sport I associate with my grandparents,” admits Ngozi, “but those seniors need to make way for this senior.”

With croquet practice held daily after school, Anthony Truncale ‘26 is dedicated to building a winning season with his teammates. “I lift in the gym everyday,” he says, “so when it’s time to lift that heavy mallet, I’m ready.”

A niche but growing sport that has spawned rivalries across retirement communities and now follows the natural course of things by trickling down to high schools, the croquet battlefield is causing athletes everywhere to break a sweat—yet luckily, the game of croquet builds in lots of lemonade breaks. “There is nothing more satisfying than hitting a ball through a hoop and watching it roll slowly away on grass,” says Charlie Sherman ’24. “Except, of course, everything else.”

Today’s game against Lawrenceville will be played on the pristine and painstakingly cared-for World Cup Field. When asked about the croquet wickets being embedded into the World Cup grass, Fahey and Miller’s comments were not fit to print.

To see the upcoming Croquet schedule, please visit our athletics site here.




The first and second photo by Flex photographer Aiden de Asla '24

Contact: Sally Courtney, Communications Writer