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I Am Pingry

Pingry students imagine the impossible. They dare where others hesitate. They innovate where others accept the status quo. They feel empathy, where others turn away. No two Pingry students are alike—and yet, they are all deeply connected. 

I Am Pingry means I am confident in what makes me different. I Am Pingry means I am kind in moments big and small. I Am Pingry means… just wait—I will change the world.

Jake Francis '23

The Pursuit of Happiness

It's less about pressure and more about passion.

Alex Wong '25

The Mayor of Pingry

There is always space for you.

Mirika Jambudi '23

From Big Blue to Crimson Red

When in doubt, say yes.

There is truly something for everyone at Pingry. We believe excellence contains multitudes, and we nurture our differences. Athletes here are artists; and artists here are athletes; and the most intelligent students are often the most playful. We celebrate what makes us unique, and strive to find our own profound purpose.

Ally Smith '24 uncovers the true essence of her Pingry school experience by exploring the vital importance of the Honor Code, dismantling the "pressure cooker" myth, and encouraging new students to fearlessly embrace authenticity and all that Pingry has to offer.

Jada Watson '24

Brings The Benergy

It’s all about the power of positive momentum.

Naomi Billups '25

Expect the Unexpected

Never put yourself in a box.

Rachel Zhang '23

Taking the Abstract View

Snowflakes from letters, and other possibilities

Hear from our students

Becca Kirschner '25

Trying to strike the right balance between studies and activities can be tricky, yet Pingry supports its students through this important time so they can navigate their interests and academics. That’s just one of things Becca loves about school, especially the way she and her fellow students are encouraged to forge their own path

Nataly Ruiz '25

It’s never easy starting at a new school, yet Nataly found a warmth and encouragement at Pingry that inspired her to embrace the experience—and make the most of it

Alex Payne '25

Pingry students cannot be typecast. They are a diverse community with a wide range of interests and pursuits. Just ask Alex Payne, who knows all too well that opening up to the many connections that can be found here is the best way to make lifelong friends

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