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Head of School

Pingry proudly welcomed Timothy Patrick Lear as our Head of School in July 2022. We invite you to take a moment to hear Tim's story.

Tim Lear, Head of School, on campus


The Pingry story is an extraordinary one. Since 1861, our school's highest ambition has been preparing students to be good people who embrace the Honor Code and champion its stated importance of "working for the common good rather than solely for personal advantage." Pingry also values integrity, kindness, hard work, and respect. We care about where you're going, but we care even more about how you get there. 

Pingry is an inclusive community of lifelong learners who genuinely love school, who strive for excellence in every endeavor, and who are fully invested in one another's success. At the same time, we also recognize that excellence and well-being are two sides of the same coin. We do not have to sacrifice one in order to have the other. In fact, we know we shine brightest when we bring our brains, our hearts, and our fullest humanity to campus every day. Pingry can be both a high-achieving and a high-caring school. We can do both because we’ve always done both.

The journey matters at Pingry, and everyone’s story is important. The true value of what happens here every day is not defined by sweatshirts and rear window stickers. It is defined by the relationships forged among students, teachers, colleagues, advisors, coaches, parents, and alumni. Every day, in every corner of our community, we cheer one another on and strive to reach our potential.

Whether you’re a current member of our Pingry community — or a prospective family looking to learn more about our school — let’s continue the conversation. Let’s share our stories with each other and continue writing the next great chapter of the Pingry story together.


Middlebury College
Bread Loaf School of English
M.A. English, 2003

Princeton University
A.B. English, 1996

The Pingry School
Class of 1992

Professional Experience



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