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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Pingry is designed to foster the development of aesthetic insights and appreciation on a personal, social, and cultural level. Through wide exposure and critical examination, the Pingry student can develop a lasting appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of art. Our program provides students with a wide range of opportunities for participation in the art program, allowing them to study many media in depth.

On a personal level, the Visual Arts program strives to challenge students to: see in new ways and develop creativity through personal expression of their thoughts, ideas and emotions; develop character and a positive self-image by fostering the growth of problem-solving skills; cultivate their intellectual curiosity by presenting a broad range of visual studies; discover and improve new skills, strengths, and interests; and enhance their sensitivity and introspection through critical analysis of personal works.

On a social level, the Visual Arts program aims to challenge students to: examine their environments in new and different ways; respect, appreciate, and support the creative efforts of others; and examine and objectively analyze the culture they have inherited and the range of roles and responsibilities they can assume within it.

On a cultural level, the Visual Arts program aims to encourage seeing and expressing in new ways, thereby enriching lives and leading to a more thorough understanding of today’s pluralistic, global art world.

Note: Due to the wide selection of course offerings in studio art and due to fluctuations in enrollment, some courses may be offered on an alternate-year basis.

Visual Arts Courses

Boy sketching for art class