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A member of Pingry's Entrepreneurship Club, Madeline tells about pitching her business idea at the LaunchX Mid-Atlantic Regional Event in New York City.

A new vending machine on the Basking Ridge Campus, offering healthy snacks and small meals on-the-go, gives busy students another after-school snack option.

Other Courses

Community Service 10 hours per year.

Required of all students, Forms I-VI.

Pingry recognizes the need to support our community and to encourage a sense of social responsibility among our students. The development of character, self-esteem, compassion, and leadership are key components of a Pingry education. These objectives are the foundation of our Community Service Program. Students are encouraged to volunteer in their fields of interest. Myriad opportunities are available, including tutoring, community outreach, special projects, and work in schools, hospitals, and senior communities.

Organizations with which associations have been established include Bridges, Community Food Bank, Matheny Medical and Educational Center, ECLC, and the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program. New projects based on individual interest are always welcomed. When possible, the school provides transportation and needed resources.

Independent Senior Project (ISP)

Required for Form VI students.

ISP is the capstone of the Pingry Upper School experience —a self-designed learning experience that students undertake for the final five weeks of their senior year. Some students work as interns in the world of finance, design, medicine, or another field; others create the art project of their dreams or develop a community service project. The Pingry ISP is intended to allow students to delve into a topic or project that they've always wanted to explore but never quite had the time.

The time commitment for this senior capstone is a minimum of 25 hours per week. Students submit a written proposal in February after consulting with a member of the ISP Committee. Each student must choose an ISP mentor to officially oversee them during the five week period. Additionally, each student is assigned an ISP Coach, a member of the ISP Committee who will help them navigate the details on Pingry's side. Current families can learn more about program details and requirements in the Pingry Portal.

Driver Education (#10401)

Trimester course. Form IV.

This course meets the New Jersey Driver Education requirement. At its conclusion, the state test will be administered. This course may be taken during the student’s Fitness Education period and will fulfill the Fitness requirement for Form IV. All students enrolled in Driver Education will be billed a separate fee for the course.

Peer Group (#10300)

1 class meeting per cycle for first 2 trimesters. Required of all Form III students.

The Peer Group program is designed to help freshmen adjust to the Upper School by providing support from seniors who receive extensive training in group dynamics, leadership techniques, and values-clarification issues. The program is directed by three faculty advisors, including Pingry’s personal counselors.

From September through early March, all Form III students meet one period each week in small groups with their senior co-leaders to discuss academic and social concerns. There is a two-day camping trip for seniors and freshmen in September as well as two evening programs. In one of the programs, parents are invited to participate in Peer Group activities with their children; the other is a Senior-Freshman Activity Night.

Peer Leadership (#10301)

First 2 trimesters. Form VI. Seniors are selected for this program on the basis of communication skills, leadership potential, and a sense of commitment.

This course is designed to train selected seniors in group dynamics and leadership skills, while helping freshmen adjust to their school and social environments. Course participants provide support and leadership in small-group meetings with freshmen. Two overnight retreats are scheduled along with several evening activities.