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It's the most wonderful time of the year here at The Pingry School! Students have returned, extracurricular activities are taking place, lots of learning is happening, and relationships are being developed. In addition to all of these exciting happenings across our campuses, Pingry is delighted to introduce you to the newest members of our talented team for the 2021-22 school year.


Organized music had its official start at Pingry with the formation of a few groups in an all-boys’ school: the Band, the Glee Club, the Buttondowns (a small singing group), and the Middle School Chorus. Since those days, the program has expanded to include over a dozen performing groups, vocal ensembles for all voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and an Advanced Placement course. The Department consists of three full-time faculty members. In addition, several adjunct teachers provide private voice and instrumental lessons during the day. The program has been successful—some 300 students are involved, over one half of the Upper School.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity to experience music in many aspects so that students become lifelong appreciators of and participants in music. The program is founded on the belief that human expression is an integral part of life, and experiences in the arts, including music performance, are essential to a holistic education. A high level of performance is expected of all of our performing groups. All musicians are encouraged to enroll in private lessons, particularly students in our scheduled electives: Balladeers, Buttondowns and Jazz Ensemble. The Music Department provides support for students who choose to audition for New Jersey Regions and All-State Orchestra and Chorus.

Music Courses

Boy playing wind instrument with other musicians in the background at jazz class