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The mathematics program at Pingry guides students in developing critical thinking and problem solving skills through the application of mathematical concepts. Students develop an appreciation and an understanding of mathematics as they engage in exploration, collaboration, conjecture, and proof. The curriculum is based on solving problems as not only a desired outcome but as a part of the learning process.

In teaching mathematics we aim to help students:

develop a strong conceptual understanding of various essential topics in mathematics. This includes such concepts as number, operation, equation, function, relation, congruence, and similarity;

practice pattern recognition and critical thinking;

collaborate with peers to explore new concepts, discover models and patterns, and engage in solving difficult problems;

develop oral and written communication skills such as asking useful questions, developing convincing arguments, and justifying one’s own reasoning;

use technology to explore mathematics and assess when and where individual tools will be most effectively employed.

A Pingry graduate should be able to understand how to convey mathematical logic using symbols, graphical representations, written language, and oral expression. This fosters the ability to adapt to dynamic environments in college and beyond.

Math Grid 2022-23


Mathematics Courses: Intermediate Algebra through Geometry

Note to all students taking Advanced Algebra or above: The Mathematics Department has incorporated the use of graphing calculators into its courses. The TI-83 or TI-84 is recommended and should be acquired by all students.

Mathematics Courses: Advanced Algebra & Above

Economics Courses