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History is much more than a recitation of the facts; it is a way of seeing and making sense of the world around us. The mission of the History Department is to create curious, empathetic, and responsible citizens who have an analytical mind, a solid grounding in historical thinking skills, and a nuanced understanding of the history of the modern world and the United States. To achieve this goal, faculty have designed courses in which students will gain experience analyzing sources from a range of perspectives, reading the work of historians, formulating historical questions, conducting scholarly research, and constructing complex arguments in oral and written form. The discipline of history provides students with the skills and ways of thinking necessary to understand the past, which is necessary to understand the present. In today’s world, students need guidance and practice in navigating multiple sources of information, weighing arguments from multiple perspectives, understanding complex situations in a nuanced manner, and drawing conclusions informed by logic and an ethical perspective. Studying the past not only provides vital context for understanding the world today, but historical thinking also fosters habits of mind that permit students to empathetically engage with all people and responsibly participate in a democratic society. Ultimately, the expectation of the History Department is that students graduating from Pingry will be informed citizens who think more critically not only about the immediate environment in which they live but also about the global community of which they are a part.

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