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Student Core Competencies

Introduction — The Why:

Competencies serve as a means of communicating what Pingry is prioritizing in aligning the school program around a collective vision of student success.

Pingry is in the business of graduating people … we do not graduate students. These competencies reflect how we want our students to show up in the world as people, and they spell out what we want our students to become as a result of their time at Pingry.

The competencies help to provide a common language about the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that students should develop. While helping students develop competencies is understood to be important to ourwork as faculty, there is something powerful about making this commitment, and the competencies themselves, explicit and then anchoring them to our mission and shared values.


What Exactly are Competencies?

Combinations of knowledge, skills, dispositions, mindsets, and attitudes that are transferable across disciplines, situations, and settings.  

From the 2018 Strategic Plan: "It is increasingly evident that to prepare our graduates for success in that future, we must redouble our emphasis on developing within them an ethical framework and the strength of character to apply that framework; a commitment to serving the greater good; intellectual, academic collaboration, and cultural competency skills; and the passion, determination, and resilience to apply their skills, attributes, and character to something greater than themselves by solving important problems in order to make the world a better place for all."


The Result — Student Core Competencies Framework

Additional Information

"Colleges are searching for students who are intellectually brave and motivated to take action, students who are eager to collaborate, apply what they learn, and anticipate future challenges."   

— Tim Lear, Head of School