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Welcome to the Spring Intensives Course Catalog for Spring 2023

These course offerings for Pingry's second year of its Spring Intensives program represent a multi-year professional development effort by Pingry's talented faculty to share their passion, curiosity, and expertise with students. Spring Intensives courses are experiential by design and encourage students will consider a variety of perspectives and cultivate critical skills as they learn by doing. 

Students will choose their top seven course preferences during advisory in early December. For more information, please see the Spring Intensives FAQ page. 


               *Designates New Courses

Dr. D’Ausilio, Ms. O'Mara, and Dr. Pousont

Mr. McAnally, Ms. Ady, and Dr. Kouri

  Mr. Bourne, Mr. Coe, and Mr. Grant

Mr. Kelly and Ms. Sa

Mr. Hoepfl and Dr. Wakefield

Ms. Decatur, Ms. Dillon, and Mr. Horesta

Ms. Law and Mr. Paton

Mr. Lagarde and Ms. Mauger

Dr. Dickerson, Dr. Lasevich, and Ms. Thuzar

 Mr. Benoit

Mr. Barr and Dr. Jolly

Ms. Featherman, Ms. Hoepfl, and Mr. Scott

Mr. Behringer and Ms. Ring

Mrs. Johnston and Dr. Longo

Dr. Fisher, Mr. Garrow, and Mr. Kinney

Mr. Fried, Ms. Gallagher, and Dr. Ievers

Ms. Boone, Ms. Mygas, and Ms. Torres

Mr. Shilts and Ms. Lebowitz

Mr. Burkhart

Mr. Keating and Mr. Corvino

Mr. Steinberg and Ms. Hilliard

Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Vazquez

Ms. Davlin and Mr. Jenkins

Dr. Samadani and Dr. Chu

Dr. Moore, Ms. Romankow, Mr. Van Antwerp, and Mr. Winston

Mr. Brown and Mr. Poprik

Mrs. Weinberger and Mr. Jaqua

Mr. Honohan, Ms. Siegel, and Dr. Ward

Ms. Farrell and Mr. Webber

Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Maxwell, and Ms. Tandon

Mr. Leone and Mr. Rushforth

Mr. Joujan

Mr. Boyd, Dr. Murray, and Ms. Wang

Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Núñez, and Ms. Cooke

Madame Changeux, Dr. Haven, and Dr. Mecartty

Dr. Woods-Murphy

Ms. Francois

Ms. Lear