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Spring Intensives

Expand your sense of what's possible.

During Spring Intensives, students and educators engage in deep and sustained learning experiences that are academically immersive, intellectually fulfilling, and adventurous by design. The topics of these immersive courses elicit curiosity and wonder, and may not be the focus of traditional Pingry coursework. By asking learners to grapple with nuanced issues and practice resilience in the face of setbacks, intensives foster a love of exploration and discovery. In so doing, they bolster the school’s mission to graduate citizens-leaders who have the courage to question and the confidence to take responsible action.

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“I am looking forward to the opportunity to have an immersive educational experience that will allow me to learn some practical applications for what we've learned in the classroom during the year. Additionally, I'm excited for the experience of bonding with peers from all different grade levels and developing a better relationship with a Pingry faculty member I might not have previously been exposed to.”

–Julia Covello, Student 


“The sheer variety of courses and experiences being offered is exciting to consider (and unlike anything we've done before). Spring intensives will require students to engage with classmates as much as with the material, to exercise their creativity as well as their ability to work together. These are the skills required of students in college and beyond.”

— Tim Lear, Head of School