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1930s-era Pingry Records Unearthed After Long Search

1930s-era Pingry Records Unearthed After Long Search

While the Pingry Archives counts more than 25,000 pages of the student newspaper The Pingry Record among its holdings, there has always been a curious hole in the collection: the entire 1933-1934 school year.

Until now.

Along with numerous other items rediscovered during summer renovations in the Upper School—several of which we will feature in future blog posts—a nearly complete set of Pingry Records from the 1933-1934 school year was excavated from a seldom-used basement room. Approaching 100 years old, these materials will add to the historical record of The Pingry School, and undoubtedly shed light on any number of "Pingry Mysteries" yet to be solved.

Please click on the image below to read through the entire October 10, 1933 issue of The Pingry Record.