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It's the most wonderful time of the year here at The Pingry School! Students have returned, extracurricular activities are taking place, lots of learning is happening, and relationships are being developed. In addition to all of these exciting happenings across our campuses, Pingry is delighted to introduce you to the newest members of our talented team for the 2021-22 school year.

Visual Arts

The Middle School Fine Arts program aims to provide students with a visual vocabulary in order for them to speak about their lives in a way that is authentic and meaningful. Students will have artistic experiences in a supportive studio. This climate allows our students to take risks in the creative process utilizing a wide range of materials. Gallery visits are regularly scheduled in the Hostetter Arts Center to teach students how to approach and read a work of art and to encourage a deeper engagement by regularly viewing masterworks. Students become open to the possibilities when they discover the transformative power of art in their lives. Our program allows students to find their voice through a supportive, confidence building arts curriculum.

Middle School Visual Arts Courses

Boy and girl creating clay sculptures.