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A member of Pingry's Entrepreneurship Club, Madeline tells about pitching her business idea at the LaunchX Mid-Atlantic Regional Event in New York City.

A new vending machine on the Basking Ridge Campus, offering healthy snacks and small meals on-the-go, gives busy students another after-school snack option.

Visual Arts

The Middle School Fine Arts program aims to provide students with a visual vocabulary in order for them to speak about their lives in a way that is authentic and meaningful. Students will have artistic experiences in a supportive studio. This climate allows our students to take risks in the creative process utilizing a wide range of materials. Gallery visits are regularly scheduled in the Hostetter Arts Center to teach students how to approach and read a work of art and to encourage a deeper engagement by regularly viewing masterworks. Students become open to the possibilities when they discover the transformative power of art in their lives. Our program allows students to find their voice through a supportive, confidence building arts curriculum.

Middle School Visual Arts Courses

Art 6 (#12103)

In Grade 6 students maintain an art journal to document their life stories. Weekly themes are assigned to aid in this process. Student artwork is shared in a positive non-judgmental format that is rich with specific feedback. Every student has the opportunity to become an acting curator of one of the group projects. In our studio time, skills in observational drawing, color theory, painting, sculpture, and design are developed. Students are introduced to previously unfamiliar materials to expand their knowledge. Assessment is based on individual improvement, willingness to be creative, and, most importantly, demonstrated effort.

Art 7 (#12105)

Students are introduced to the concept of art as language while building on traditional fine art practices. Grade 7 art students continue the practice of keeping an art journal to explore themes pertaining to their interests and passions. Journal homework is assigned weekly. During studio time, students develop their observational drawing skills and learn to explore the interior world of the imagination. Major projects include painting a personally meaningful image from observation or memory. The emphasis of this project is on the application of color theory as an expressive vehicle for storytelling. Gallery visits are scheduled in the Hostetter Arts Center on a regular basis. Student curators facilitate respectful discussions about the meaning and purpose of art. Assessment is based on individual improvement, willingness to be creative, and, most importantly, demonstrated effort.

Art and Nature 8 (elective) (#12111)

Art and Nature students will utilize the Pingry environment as their palette to make art in this course. Students will observe, interpret, and interact with the environment and learn to communicate through artistic language. Students will collect interesting materials, such as colorful leaves, and make sculptures with these materials, and they will experiment with cyanotype – a photo developing process that utilizes sunlight. Students will also use photography to make photo transfers onto their own hand-made paper. A toolbox of hand tools will give students experience in shop and studio practice. The course will culminate with students creating a group sculpture on campus.

Digital Filmmaking 8 (elective) (#12007)

Whether making serious art or sharing an experience with peers, our students need filmmaking skills to communicate in the 21st century world. Building on the natural comfort Middle School students have with technology, students will learn to use this medium in sophisticated and artful ways. Students will be introduced to fundamental filming techniques and to the basics of editing on “IMovie” and “Adobe Premier” software. Students will make a series of short films and will work both collectively and individually on these projects. They will explore thematic works, documentary, and narrative filmmaking. Students will be able to share their projects through a video blog and on YouTube and through a division wide screening at the end of the year.

Studio Art 8 (Elective) (#12204)

The studio experience strives to create a balance between traditional skills and contemporary practices. Our requisite Art Journal practice emphasizes visual problem solving, strengthening this vital habit of mind. Studio projects may include graphic design, typography, pen and India ink illustration, ceramics, collage, mixed media, and temporary installation. Learning about Art History and Art News stems from our engagement with the Hostetter Gallery's changing exhibitions, and visiting artists as a first-hand resource.