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A member of Pingry's Entrepreneurship Club, Madeline tells about pitching her business idea at the LaunchX Mid-Atlantic Regional Event in New York City.

A new vending machine on the Basking Ridge Campus, offering healthy snacks and small meals on-the-go, gives busy students another after-school snack option.

Extra-Departmental Courses

Extra-Departmental Courses

Civic Engagement 8 (Friday Course)

In Civic Engagement 8, students investigate issues in the community both locally and globally. The course gives students a chance to learn about different needs in a community and, they participate in a variety of activities that will reinforce the importance of Service Learning and Community Service. Students also have the opportunity to join in a community service activity. Throughout the course, students reflect on service in discussions and in journals.

Cultural Competency 6 (Trimester Course)

This course is designed to increase students' understanding of the term “Cultural Competency.” Students will have opportunities to learn and practice a set of skills that will enable them to become more culturally competent. They will learn more about their own culture, the culture of their family, and the cultures of their classmates.

Cultural Competency 7 (Friday Course)

This course is designed to complement the Grade 6 course and will ask students to dig into the concept of intersectionality. Students will examine the multicultural history of America to help them claim their own story.

Leadership 8 (Friday Course)

As Form II students begin their final year in the Middle School, they have the opportunity to select this Friday course in Leadership. In an interactive format, students will identify the attributes and characteristics of effective leadership. They will also work toward developing and refining their own leadership styles as they consider the qualities necessary to inspire others.

Mindful Awareness 6 (Friday Course)

Mindful awareness practices such as listening, recognizing tension and relaxation, moving mindfully, being still, concentrating focus, following the breath, and walking with awareness, as well as creating positive emotional connection to the present moment, and cultivating feelings of compassion and gratitude will be taught. These practices draw attention and awareness to a student’s current experience just as it is, without trying to change, improve, or fix anything. By noticing what is going on moment-to-moment, students develop a bigger perspective from which to view their own feelings and thoughts.

Outdoor Research 8 (Friday Course)

Each Friday, the Scientific Field Study Program will give Form II students the opportunity to explore the Basking Ridge campus, practice valuable field research skills, and develop an appreciation for the natural world. Guided by teachers, students will learn how to take measurements at various “campus field stations.” Measurement stations may include: water quality of ponds and streams, wildlife study, forest measurements, photography study, barometric pressure, rainfall, temperature, and air quality.

Participants in this program will learn how to record reliable field measurements and understand how resulting data can be used by scientists. Future Pingry biology and environmental science students may be able to use this data to draw conclusions about environmental changes over time, and the program will create a meaningful intellectual link between Middle School and Upper School students.

Friday Courses

In Grade 6, students will be scheduled into a trimester rotation of Emotional Intelligence/Cultural Competency 6, Robotics 6, and Music 6.

In Form I, students will be scheduled into a trimester rotation of Emotional Intelligence/Cultural Competency 7, Health 7, and Music 7.

In Form II, students select at least one trimester of specialized music. They may also select from among Outdoor Research 8, Leadership 8, and Civic Engagement 8 for trimesters when they are not in Music.