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Pingry’s Varsity Baseball team knew it could have a great season. It just needed a catcher first


There are two primary goals of the elementary mathematics program. The first is development of strong number sense, or a child’s ability to use and understand numbers. The second is building resilience, which is perseverance when a concept is challenging or a first glance solution strategy is unsuccessful. Children with strong number sense think flexibly about numbers, make efficient mental calculations, estimate reasonably, and identify important mathematical relationships such as part-whole and place value. These skills are nurtured at Pingry through instruction in arithmetic, spatial reasoning, problem solving, and recording. Because young children’s brains are as different as their fingerprints, elementary students are encouraged to sophisticate their mathematical thinking at the individualized pace that matches their cognitive development. Activities are designed to allow students at every level to experiment with a variety of problem solving strategies and determine which ones work best for them.

The curriculum reflects grade-level standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Curriculum by Grade

Students raising hands to answer the teacher.