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It's the most wonderful time of the year here at The Pingry School! Students have returned, extracurricular activities are taking place, lots of learning is happening, and relationships are being developed. In addition to all of these exciting happenings across our campuses, Pingry is delighted to introduce you to the newest members of our talented team for the 2021-22 school year.

Semester Away Programs

Spend a semester immersed in a new culture and expand your global perspective!
Domestic and international opportunities allow students to continue their Pingry education outside the walls of the school.

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At Pingry, opportunities for cultural exploration and understanding abound, and the classroom is just the beginning. How will you make the world a better place, today?

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Join us as we turn places into faces!

Equipping students to be global citizens and leaders who engage with the world rather than seek sanctuary from it—this is a priority for us.

Meet the Director

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Steven Benoit

Steven Benoit

Titles: World Languages Department Chair, French Teacher, Independent Senior Project Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
School: 908-647-5555 x1679
Pingry's Global Programs promote cultural literacy and challenge students and faculty to see the world from others’ perspectives through relevant curriculum and extracurricular opportunities that bring the world into the classroom.