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Pingry's Well-Being Vision Statement

Identified as one of the five core, strategic priorities for the School, well-being is central to student life at Pingry and the entire community. We continue to evolve as a community of care that values lifelong learning and collaborative work. 
Our mandate to nurture and promote well-being among all members of the School—from students and families to faculty, staff, and alumni—means that we continually aspire towards a balanced, equitable, and complete framework of physical, mental, emotional, social and academic health. The well-being of adults in the Pingry community is critical and enables them to serve as the necessary role-models and guides to support the development and installation of students’ well-being. 
Pingry is committed to developing resilience, good decision making, and proactive problem-solving while cultivating a feeling of belonging and well-being in all community members.

All members of the Pingry community have a role in this vision and work which is supported by the Counseling & Academic Support Team (CAST).

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Meet Our Team

Well-Being Programming at Pingry

At Pingry, well-being encompasses...

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Social Emotional Functioning
  • Character Development
  • Support Systems
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