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Honor Board

The Honor Board is a group of Upper School students—representing each Form—who aim to promote the spirit of the Honor Code within the Pingry community. As a student-driven organization, the Honor Board addresses current issues relating to honor and character in the community.

The Honor Board has three main roles:

1. To educate students about the Honor Code’s major principles and its application to daily life.

We aim to accomplish our goal through many platforms, including speeches from community members, guest speakers through the John Hanly Lecture Series on Ethics and Morality, and small-group discussions that are designed to foster moral and ethical growth.

2. To be a resource to the community as it seeks to uphold the honor code and implement discipline.

We adjudicate major cases of Honor Code violations, ensuring that the student perspective is heard by the administration. As fellow students, we are tasked with providing information and viewpoints that may be different from those of the administration. We can provide perspective on the social and academic pressures affecting students because we are often placed in similar situations.

In addition to adjudicating specific cases, during biweekly meetings, we discuss questions and recommendations posed by community members and ways in which we can solve current community issues. Discussion topics range from how to promote open yet respectful social discourse, whether in class or on social media platforms, to devising plans to reinforce the messages of a recent Honor Board event.

3. to serve as voices of morality and ethical action within our community.

As representatives of our school’s Honor Code, we strive to embody its spirit and lead by example. We also strive to be welcoming, approachable, and respected members of the community.

More information about the Honor Board, the adjudication of cases, and student discipline can be found in the Student Handbook.

Meet the

Honor Board

Alexandra Pyne

Class of 2018 - Honor Board Chair
Fourth year on Honor Board

"I came into high school knowing that I wanted to surround myself with people who not only have a unique perspective on the world, but are also adamant about taking action to share their ideas with others. After learning that the Honor Board has a tradition of valuing both of these things, I immediately wanted to be a part of the organization. The opportunity to discuss morality and its role within our community was also very appealing to me.

The Honor Board is incredibly important to Pingry because we are responsible for upholding and promoting the Honor Code, the heart and soul of our community. Through leading by example, completing project-based initiatives, and hearing cases, the Honor Board strives to encourage individual accountability and simultaneously allow emotion to play a role in otherwise black-and-white situations. My experience on the Honor Board has made me a more responsible person who strives to seek out the good in other people."

Alice Berndt

Class of 2018
Second year on Honor Board

“I've been a Pingry student since Kindergarten, so the Honor Code is something that I have always viewed as one of the most important aspects of our community and something that I really value. It creates a level of trust among Pingry students and between students and faculty that I don’t think exists at a lot of other schools.

Being an Honor Board member has definitely been one of the most important and rewarding experiences I've had at Pingry. I've gotten a strong sense of just how much trust the administration puts into our hands, and it is amazing to be a part of it. We have to make tough decisions and differentiate between what is right and what is wrong—or, sometimes, what you want to do and what you know is right—but I've learned a lot about my own opinions on honor and character through the experience.”

Drew Beckmen

Class of 2019 - Honor Board Secretary
Third year on Honor Board

“Everything Pingry teaches and promotes revolves around a firm belief in the tenets of the Honor Code. The Honor Board is an integral part of our School community because it acts as a necessary liaison, bringing something as abstract as the Honor Code into everyday life so we can all make sense of it, contextualize it.

Being on the Honor Board has made me realize that mistakes, not success, foster growth. Nobody can claim that they are perfect, and the ability to recognize the value in mistakes is undeniably the greatest insight I have gained in my time on the Honor Board. The unique perspectives shared in meetings and the difficult issues on which we deliberate have enabled me to become a more balanced and open-minded person.”

Sean Wang

Class of 2017, Former Honor Board Chair
Four years on Honor Board

“For me, joining the Honor Board was a way to give back to the Pingry community. Applying to the Honor Board as a freshman coincided with me joining the Speech and Debate Team. While debate asked me to think about ethics and morality critically and apply different frameworks in a more academic sense, the Honor Board asked me to put my learning and my personal values into practice. Joining the Honor Board meant, and still means, making an impact, whether it’s leading by example or helping to facilitate an understanding of what the Honor Code means to each of us.

The election of 2016 raised the bar in terms of political division, reminding me that even Pingry is not invulnerable to ‘real world’ events. But even as events like the election challenge us as Honor Board members, they also help us to grow stronger as a community, so that we continue to maintain our core values of honor and respect in all aspects of Pingry life.”

2017-2018 Honor Board Members

Chairperson: Alexandra (Ally) Pyne

Secretary: Drew Beckman

Form VI
  • Alice Berndt
  • Alexis Elliot
  • Obi Nnaeto
Form V
  • Avery Didden
  • Varun Seetamraju
  • Ketaki Tavan
Form IV
  • Natalie Ladino
  • Leah Mangold
  • Roger Matthews
Form III
  • Meghan Durkin
  • Matt Mandel
  • Grace Wang