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Meet the seven Pingry seniors—equally committed in the classroom as they are in their sport—who earned this year's conference, county, Prep, and state honors. 

Honor Board

The Honor Board is a group of Upper School students—representing each Form—who aim to promote the spirit of the Honor Code within the Pingry community. As a student-driven organization, the Honor Board addresses current issues relating to honor and character in the community.

The Honor Board has three main roles:

1. To educate students about the Honor Code’s major principles and its application to daily life.

We aim to accomplish our goal through many platforms, including speeches from community members, guest speakers through the John Hanly Lecture Series on Ethics and Morality, and small-group discussions that are designed to foster moral and ethical growth.

2. To be a resource to the community as it seeks to uphold the honor code and implement discipline.

We adjudicate major cases of Honor Code violations, ensuring that the student perspective is heard by the administration. As fellow students, we are tasked with providing information and viewpoints that may be different from those of the administration. We can provide perspective on the social and academic pressures affecting students because we are often placed in similar situations.

In addition to adjudicating specific cases, during biweekly meetings, we discuss questions and recommendations posed by community members and ways in which we can solve current community issues. Discussion topics range from how to promote open yet respectful social discourse, whether in class or on social media platforms, to devising plans to reinforce the messages of a recent Honor Board event.

3. to serve as voices of morality and ethical action within our community.

As representatives of our school’s Honor Code, we strive to embody its spirit and lead by example. We also strive to be welcoming, approachable, and respected members of the community.


More information about the Honor Board, the adjudication of cases, and student discipline can be found in the Student Handbook.


2019-2020 Honor Board Members

Chairperson: Emily Sanchez '20

Secretary: Meghan Durkin '21

Form VI
  • James Cummings
  • Leah Mangold
  • Sydney Tindall
Form V
  • Josephine Alston
  • Rhea Kapur
  • Matthew Mandel
Form IV
  • Emmet Houghton
  • Jack Martin
  • Olivia Telemaque
Form III
  • Camille Collins
  • Jacob Abdi
  • Franklin Mau