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In this year's winning New Year's card design contest, the artwork of Sheryl Chen '26 reminds Pingrians of the importance of unity and community.


At Pingry, students enjoy a rich academic and social life filled with a host of co- and extra-curricular activities, including athletics, visual arts, drama, music, journalism, community and civic engagement, environmental programs, and more.

With more than 60 clubs, organizations, and enrichment opportunities spread across two campuses offering the best in facilities and resources, students have countless opportunities to pursue their interests and develop new passions. 

Student Publications

The Pingry Record

Founded in 1895, The Pingry Record has the distinction of being the oldest continuously published country day school newspaper in the United States. The paper began as a "lark" by a group of boys who thought it might be fun to edit a newspaper containing school news. The first paper, handed from student to student, was largely regarded as a joke by the student body and became known as "The Bughouse Tribune."

However, its successful circulation around the school presented the opportunity for a real school paper in printed form. The idea pleased everyone, and Headmaster W.H. Corbin was asked to appoint a board of editors to start an official school publication. The first editor in chief was Barton W. Currie (class of 1895), who took his work very seriously. Currie later went on to become editor in chief of the Ladies' Home Journal in 1925.

Today, The Record is staffed by Upper School students who write, edit, and provide the artwork as well as the layout in Adobe InDesign. 


The Pingry Record

Vital Signs


Vital Signs is Pingry’s student-run current events magazine, featuring Pingry students’ original analyses of serious national and world issues. Topics range from domestic politics and policy to business and economics, from science and technology to international affairs and the changing dynamics of the global system.

Since its inception in 1986, Vital Signs has grown and evolved, and has been recognized with numerous awards. Today, Vital Signs continues to be staffed by Upper School students, with faculty advising from Matthew Honohan of the Pingry History Department. Vital Signs provides an opportunity for our contributors to grapple with the questions that shape the modern era, and is the place where “Pingry Students Take the Pulse of the World.”


Vital Signs


Published annually, this is the art and literary magazine by Upper School students.


Pingry Community Research Journal (PCR)

A Journal of Scientific Research conducted by Pingry students.

PCR Issues

Student Organizations

Extracurricular Academics

fyi sci
Students use science to educate themselves and others so that they can affect change in the world around them—starting right here at Pingry! By researching scientific misconceptions, controversies, and interesting news and delivering findings through a variety of media channels, Project 80 members hope to impact the community to become more engaged in science.
Faculty Advisor: Coe

Open to: All students in the Upper School

IRT Independent Research Team
The IRT Independent Research Team is a group of small teams doing original research on topics ranging from molecular biology to physics to computer science. Each team is lead by a senior student and a faculty mentor who are responsible for teaching underclassmen, collaborating with scientists at nearby universities, and driving the project forward. All projects are novel, student-driven, and grounded in the current scientific literature.
Faculty Advisor: Kirkhart
Open to: Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors

Humanities iRT
Based on the iRT model, which is traditionally used by the sciences, the Humanities iRT offers students the opportunity to partner with faculty members to do advanced study in the humanities.

Faculty Advisor: Burkhart
Open to: All students in the Upper School

Journal Club
Students, faculty, alumni, and researchers present cutting edge experiments being undertaken at universities and research institutions around the world. Anyone is welcome to join a Journal Club presentation on Fridays during Conference Period. Previous presentations may be viewed here.
Faculty Advisor: Mygas
Open to: Absolutely anyone who wishes to listen, discuss or present

Model Congress
This group is dedicated to promoting political awareness across the community and building a foundation for lifelong leadership skills.
Faculty Advisor: Grant, Dunbar

Model UN
This body is dedicated to promoting an awareness of global issues and an appreciation for international dialogue, cooperation, and diplomacy.
Faculty Advisor: Murray

Quiz Bowl
This group offers academically talented students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge through Jeopardy-style tournaments with other schools. The group participates in various local, regional, and national academic championships.
Faculty Advisor: Richardson, Smith

Robotics Team
This club offers members the opportunity to compete in a global program known as FIRST Robotics. Participants gain knowledge of engineering, problem-solving, programming and teamwork through hands-on experience. FTC 6069 and FRC 2577 are competitive academic teams with the objective to design and build robots for, respectively, the FIRST Tech Challenge, starting in September, and FIRST Robotics Competition, starting in January. The teams are divided into student-led programming, electrical, mechanical, and public relations sub teams.
Faculty Advisor: Jenkins
Open to: All Students in the Upper School

Students collaborate with scientists to learn about a researcher's field of study. Using a three dimensional printer, students create models of protein structures to help them explain complicated biological processes. Students then present their work at a national scientific conference.
Faculty Advisor: D'Ausilio
Open to: Sophomores

Speech and Debate Team
The Pingry Speech and Debate team aims to improve the oratorical, argumentative, and critical thinking skills of Pingry students through events like Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Original Oratory, and many more. Members of the Pingry Speech and Debate Team compete at the local, regional, and national level against other students across the country.
Faculty Advisor: VanAntwerp

Honor Board

The Honor Board is a group of Upper School students—representing each Form—who aim to promote the spirit of the Honor Code within the Pingry community. As a student-driven organization, the Honor Board addresses current issues relating to honor and character in the community.

Honor Board

Middle School Student Clubs

Faculty-Sponsored Clubs

These clubs often meet outside of the regular school day and require a significant commitment.

Yearbook Club
Yearbook Club meets weekly with Ms. Boone. In Yearbook Club, students gain an understanding of print media, layout, and design as they collaborate under the direction of a graphic designer to work together in a joyful climate. Students will be responsible for the section of the Pingry yearbook that documents their time in the Middle School. Some activities documented in the Middle School section of the Pingry Yearbook include: class trips, class pages, athletics and activities, the arts, and life as a member of our Middle School community.

Chess Club
The Middle School Chess Club meets every Tuesday from 3:30-4:45 p.m. in Room M219 with Mr. Niehues. There will be a brief daily chess lesson, followed by chess puzzles and individual play. Students will get a membership at where they can take lessons, solve puzzles, and play others without restrictions of time and place. There are incentives (gift certificates for the “Bear Pause”) for students who reach certain milestones (especially puzzle ratings). There will be occasionally be opportunities to participate in USCF rated tournaments on weekends.

Math Club
Math Club meets every Monday afternoon from 3:45-5:00 p.m. in Room M208 with Mr. Brown. Math Club is an opportunity for students to practice for, and participate in several state and national math competitions. The Math Club competes in AMC 8, MathCounts, and Math Madness. During club time, students work individually or in groups to improve speed and understanding of competitive style math problems. Through Math Club, students who are excited about exploring mathematics are able to hone their mathematical skills and explore more complex concepts.

Math Team
Grade 6 Math Team meets 7:30-8:00 a.m. onThursdays in Room 437 with Mrs. Lange. We study logical thinking, number sense, algebra, geometry, and discrete mathematics. Students are encouraged to work together on 4-10 problems per session. Participants have the option of competing in five MOEMS ( contests at school, and/or as many as four Math League ( contests off campus, from October through March. Updates and a full schedule are available on Mrs. Lange’s Google+ Community, Pingry Mathemagics.

Community and Civic Engagement Club
All Middle School students are welcome to participate in the Community and Civic Engagement Club, but first priority is given to Form I and Form II students who need to fulfill their required 10 hours of community and civic engagement. Community and Civic Engagement Club meets after school once a month on various days. The club is organized by two student leaders under the direction of Mrs. Thau. Community and Civic Engagement Club members work on projects to benefit charitable organizations outside of Pingry such as Color-a-Smile, Samaritan Homeless Interim Program and Operation NJ Cares. Students who attend are responsible for submitting their own service hours to Pingry’s Community and Civic Engagement Database.

MS Green Group
The Green Group is a group of enthusiastic and committed students who raise awareness of “green” issues by planning and hosting such events as all-school environmental trivia games and poster campaigns to increase awareness of energy consumption and recycling procedures. Green Group meets weekly on Thursdays during Flex. All students are welcome to attend meetings and help with projects. Green Group also hosts weekly "Campus Rambles” during which they explore Pingry’s forest and wetlands.

Student Government
Student Government is comprised of sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade representatives to be a voice for their peers in the Middle School. These representatives host three after school events throughout the year open to all middle school students. They also work to create proposals of ideas they would like to implement to improve the Middle School. Student Government meets regularly on Wednesdays during Flex, but students will also get together as needed to work on their proposals. For a list of the current year's Middle School Student Government Representatives, see the Student Government section of this page.

Delicious Desserts
Delicious Desserts provides students an opportunity to bake treats for St. Ann’s Soup Kitchen in Newark, NJ in return for an opportunity to fulfill some community service requirements through baking. Students can earn one hour for baking a dozen treats and two hours for baking two dozen treats. This organization does not regularly meet as a club, but does provide students an opportunity to bake for a good cause!

The STEAM Club meets each Thursday with Dr. Mirliss from 4:00 p.m.–5:00p.m. in Room M202. Students will be engaged in fun activities that combine digital technologies with art and engineering. Projects include 3D printed designs, coding projects, and wearable electronics. There is something for everyone and all levels of experience are welcome.

Robotics Club
Robotics Club meets every Friday in room M217 with Ms. Menon from 3:45 p.m.–5:00 p.m. In the Robotics Club, students will work as a team to design, build, and program the robot they build. The parameters for the robot will be provided and students will compete against other teams. This course will emphasize the importance of innovation, collaboration and teamwork to reach a common goal.

Student-Created Clubs

These clubs vary from year-to-year, based on student interest. They typically meet during Flex Period.

Debate Club
Mock Trial Club
Film & Photography Club
Leadership League
Creative Writing Club
3D Design Club
Dance Club
Comic Book Club
Singing Club
Band Club
Rocketry Club
Theater Club
Art Club
Book Club
Pingry Scouts
Track Club
Handbells Club
Code Club

Student Government

The student government embodies the ideals and beliefs of the students and faithfully serves their best interests through the coordination and oversight of student activities. The student government strives to advance and unify the school by promoting good citizenship and encouraging school participation. It acts as a liaison between the administration and the student body and may, with the guidance and approval of the administration, recommend changes to school policy.

2019-20 Student Government Representatives

Upper School

Student Body President: Brian Li

Form VI

Class President: Burke Pagano
Class Secretary: Alexandra (Ola) Weber
Class Treasurer: James Cummings

Class Council Representatives:

  • Roger Matthews
  • Jamie Wang
Form V

Class President: Nolan Baynes II

Class Council Representatives:

  • Noah Bergam
  • Emma Huang
  • Walker Johnson
  • Henry Wood
Form IV

Class President: Giles Burnett

Class Council Representatives:

  • Ben Gottesman
  • Daniel Ittycheria
  • Grant Myers
  • Ashleigh Provoost

Form III

Class President: JP Salvatore

Class Council Representatives:

  • Jacob Abdi
  • Ayush Basu
  • Julia Covello
  • Gray Doyle
  • Alexa Drovetsky
  • Evan Wu

Middle School

Activities Committee
  • Isabelle Chen '25
  • Sarah Gu '24
  • Elbert Ho '25
  • Mark Mason '24
  • Neil Riener '25
  • Divya Subramanian '24
  • TBD '26
  • TBD '26
  • TBD '26
Proposals Committee
  • Grace Beard '25
  • Carson Didden '24
  • Dhruv Nagarajan '25
  • Vanya Shah '25
  • Anika Sinha '24
  • Sebastian Talarek '24
  • TBD '26
  • TBD '26
  • TBD '26

Upper School Student Clubs

The 20 Miles Away Club
The club connects Pingry Students to Saint Ann's Soup Kitchen of Newark, New Jersey. Pingry students contribute by baking approximately 50 dozen homemade baked goods per month, and transporting them to the kitchen. The club also takes monthly trips to the Soup Kitchen's literacy program, where Pingry students read with child-clients. In addition, the 20 Miles Away Club brings volunteers to annual special events at the kitchen, such as the toy and coat drive.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

The American Field Service Club (AFS)
This club aims to spread awareness about international studies. Every year, we invite a student from another country and have a host family take care of them while they are in our community. The club also raises money to help study-abroad students who need money for school or travel.
Faculty Advisor: Dunbar

Animation Club
Our goal is to learn about animation in the technical sense, such as breaking down scenes to see how the animation flows and how it is staged. We plan to study numerous animated films and shows that have a variety of art styles and formats. Additionally, we plan on working on our own animations and hopefully, by the end of the year, we each will have completed a full animation that combines everything we learned from the club. This club is meant to have fun pursuing a passion for animation and to support each other in animating our own creations.
Faculty Advisor: Sullivan

Artists' Initiative
Artists' Initiative provides a safe space for artists/art enthusiasts of all mediums to collaborate with their peers, develop their own independent or collaborative works and to present their pieces to the Pingry community.
Faculty Advisor: Boyd

Asian Student Union
We are dedicated to discussing relevant topics to the wider Pingry community about the Asian and Asian-American community. Our hope is we can give a new perspective to the school about Asian culture and its importance. We organize events and invite everyone in the Upper School to attend these events and our meetings.
Faculty Advisor: Enriquez

Bags to Beds
To reuse plastic bags through crocheting them into water-resistant sleeping mats for the homeless.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Big Blue for Life
Observing a consistent life ethic, members of Big Blue for Life work to protect life from conception to natural death, particularly those lives threatened by abortion, death penalty, euthanasia, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research and war. In furtherance of these goals, members seek to promote respect for life at Pingry and on a local, state and national level, to educate on life issues, to help those in need so that life is a promising choice and to work with others who share common goals.
Faculty Advisors: Hymas and Jenkins

Big Blue Pride
The purpose of the BBP is to encourage school spirit and organize things such as tailgates, pep rallies, and student sections.
Faculty Advisor: Ross

Big Blue Sports Network
Big Blue Sports Network is a club where students can write, create videos, and other forms of media about sports. Whether it be about professional sports or Pingry Athletics, we look to teach students how to be creative while writing about the sports they love.
Faculty Advisor: Shilts

The Bioethics Society
The Pingry Bioethics Society engages students on exciting issues regarding the latest innovations in biology and their effects on society. With each month's topic, we hope to foster passionate debate and help members to see their interests from an ethical perspective.
Faculty Advisor: Pearlstein

Black Student Union
BSU is a student group that works towards a common goal for the Black community, while at the same time creating a safe and inclusive environment where students of all identities can be informed on the issues that affect the black community at Pingry and beyond.
Faculty Advisor: Fasehun

Book Appreciation Club (BAC)
To bring members of the Pingry community together through a love of books and remind them of the joy that comes from recreational reading.
Faculty Advisor: Chatterji

Bridges Outreach
The Bridges Club gets Pingry students involved with the Bridges Outreach organization, a New-Jersey based non-profit that provides food and other supplies to homeless communities in New York, Newark, and Irvington. Students can participate in "runs" to New York City to assist the delivery and distribution of necessities.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

The Buddy Program
The members of our club mentor kids, in grades K - 8, during the Greater Brunswick Charter School's after school program. The kids at the charter school love their Pingry mentors and role models!
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Chamber Music Club
Our mission is to organize and participate in chamber music performances at various Pingry events. Club members are assembled into small groups to learn, practice, and play pieces together, with guidance from the club leaders. The club will hold informal rehearsals for club members to provide feedback and help each other develop musical and performance skills.
Faculty Advisor: Moore

Children's Specialized Hospital Club
This club is dedicated to helping the Children's Specialized Hospital through fundraising, group volunteering, donating objects such as toys and clothing, and putting together much needed welcome bags and snack/meal bags for the children and their families.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Coding Curriculum Outreach Club
The mission of the club is to create coding curriculum (such as Python) of free use for other non-profit coding organizations. In addition, we encourage members to teach at partnered non-profits with the created curriculum.
Faculty Advisor: Burkhart

Community and Civic Engagement Club
To announce and provide community and civic engagement opportunities to Upper School students.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Creative Writing Club
To foster a love of creative writing within Pingry students. We hope to achieve this through different exercises, prompts, and safe spaces where people can feel free to share their writing.
Faculty Advisor: Grant and Taylor

The Denan Project Club
The Denan Project (TDP) Club is an opportunity for students to work closely with senior members of The Denan Project, a nonprofit organization that supports impoverished areas around the world. We will engage in several projects and initiatives throughout the course of the year to raise money and awareness for TDP, allowing club members to make a "hands on" difference in these impoverished areas. Club members will also receive the unique opportunity to learn more about the missions, goals, and history of TDP through speakers who will attend events that the club will host.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Dungeons and Dragons Club
To encourage social interaction and improved fantasy writing skills through the use of Dungeons and Dragons.
Faculty Advisor: Leone

Fantasy Sports Club
We believe through the outlet of a Fantasy Sports Club, we can connect students in all classes and unite the student body as a whole. Meeting consist of discussions about sports in general, and certain specific aspects on fantasy sports like trades, start/sit decisions, etc.
Faculty Advisor: Touhey

GirlCode aims to educate and inspire girls to try out Computer Science to help close the gender gap in the technology and engineering sectors. As computers and technology grow increasingly important to society, coding is quickly becoming an essential skill. The club strives to teach girls how to code, which will open up new opportunities for them in the future.
Faculty Advisor: Thuzar and Jolly

Go Club
The Go Club aims to provide a platform for students to learn and play a fantastic strategy game that develops analytical abilities, fosters creativity, and encourages big-picture thinking.
Faculty Advisor: Jolly

Green Team
This group promotes sustainability at Pingry and in the wider surrounding community. Learn more.
Faculty Advisor: Sullivan and Tandon

Handbells Choir
The Upper School Handbells Club serves to create an fun, relaxing, entry level music experience where everyone is welcomed.
Faculty Advisor: Winston

Hilltop Schools
Hilltop Schools is a nonprofit organization that is working to educate children to become the future leaders of Liberia. They support children's right to education, health, and protection. The club hopes to fundraise to provide the students at Hilltop with an education, spread awareness about their struggles, and to get to know the students on a personal level.
Faculty Advisor: Enriquez

Humanities Center
We want to help Pingry students excel in all humanities subjects ranging from Latin to World History through individualized or group tutoring sessions.
Faculty Advisor: Benoit and Murray

Humans of Pingry
The Humans of Pingry club is based off of the world known Instagram account Humans of New York. This club serves as an opportunity to photograph and interview various teachers, students and workers here on campus in order to be able to share and understand their stories, interests and thoughts. This club helps bring the community together.
Faculty Advisor: Bonds

The John Taylor Babbitt ’07 (JTB) Foundation Club
JTB was founded to raise awareness of sudden cardiac death like that suffered by John Babbitt, a Pingry student who collapsed and died of undiagnosed sudden cardiac death while playing basketball in 2006.The club's four main goals are: Advocacy, Education, Defibrillators, and Fundraising. We advocate to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest in the local and Pingry community. We educate those about the proper use of Defibrillators and how they can save lives. Lastly, we fundraise to purchase defibrillators for schools or community organizations who lack the funding to purchase a defibrillator on their own.
Faculty Advisor: Webster

Kpop Club
We explore Korean culture through popular music and dance.
Faculty Advisor: Wheeler

Lacrosse The Nations
This club seeks to unify the lacrosse community in initiatives to improve education and health while creating joy and opportunity for children in need.
Faculty Advisor: Garrow

Learn Japanese Club
The Learn Japanese Club seeks to promote the Japanese language and culture through exploring the vast worlds of anime, Japanese kana writing system, traditions, delicious food, and manga.
Faculty Advisor: Bonds and Leone

Math Club
This club will cover a wide range of math topics in its weekly meetings to increase student exposure to math beyond the school curriculum. We will work together to solve problems of a wide range of difficulty such that Pingry students with any level of prior knowledge regarding the topic at hand would be able to improve upon their analytical and problem solving skills.
Faculty Advisor: Poprik

Music Production Club
Music Production Club strives to educate the Pingry community about the various layers that uniquely make up a song. We teach the community the steps that go into constructing songs of all musical genres, from 90’s Hip-Hop to today’s pop. Most importantly, we develop in our members creativity and a deeper passion for music that pushes them to recognize the intricacies that surround a song.
Faculty Advisor: McAnally

Needleworks Club
Needleworks Club strives to create a fun and supportive environment for all students to relax and learn a new skill.
Faculty Advisor: Leonhard

News Flash
Our club's first priority is to push forth creative change both inside and outside of our school environment. Focusing on social justice issues that are currently impacting our generation, we will choose one issue per semester to discuss, research, and contribute to a solution. We are looking for dedicated and committed members! Our goal is to choose an issue that all club members are passionate about and to make a difference in the world.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Operation Smile
The Operation Smile Club is committed to supporting the non-profit organization, Operation Smile, to change the lives of people with cleft lips and palates around the world. We aim to achieve our goal through service projects, fundraising, and raising awareness within our Pingry community.
Faculty Advisor: Decatur

Outing Club
This group is committed to helping children develop a long-lasting appreciation for the natural world through activities such as hiking, camping, naturalism, and the like. Led by faculty “coaches” and supported by students, the Pingry Outing Club teaches wilderness and leadership skills while exposing children to the natural wonders of the local environment. Learn more.
Faculty Advisor: Crowley-Delman, Sullivan

The Patriots Club
The mission of our club is develop strong and patriotic young Americans. This club will provide an encouraging and welcoming space for conservatives to give their voice and opinion in a group discussion about current events. The goal of the club is not to bash the other side of the political spectrum, but further strengthen our understanding of the history and bright future of this country. Washington D.C. is active 24/7 providing fun topics and ideas for us to discuss in depth as a group of conservatives.
Faculty Advisor: Corvino

Pingry Automotive Enthusiasts Club
The Pingry Automotive Enthusiasts Club (PAEC) is an in-school club that aims to connect members of the Pingry community interested in cars. We focus on allowing anyone with an interest in automobiles a place to discuss and learn about the engineering, design, economics, and news of automobiles, racing, and the automotive industry. We offer talks from adult car enthusiasts and those in the industry. We also plan to offer excursions to car shows and other automobile-related places.
Faculty Advisor: Poprik

Pingry Entrepreneurship Club Powered by MIT
The Pingry Entrepreneurship Club Powered by MIT is a division under the broader umbrella of the Pingry Entrepreneurship Club that seeks entrepreneurial participants with the goals of novel idea generation, capital funding guidance, launching of a startup, and scaling that startup. This particular club will receive materials and mentorship provided by MIT Launch provides throughout the school year to support students developing their entrepreneurial skills and mindset by launching startups that are compatible with a general theme (provided by MIT). "This is not a business plan contest. The aim is to create a real startup to solve a problem in a differentiated way. The focus is on taking action." During the Spring, companies founded in these clubs powered by MIT will have the opportunity to become finalists, and thus present their startup at MIT.
Faculty Advisor: Rushforth

Pingry For Girls Empowerment Club
In the Pingry For Girls Empowerment Club (P4GE), our main goal is to raise awareness on contemporary issues that affect women and girls both at Pingry and around the world by implementing collaborative projects during our meetings. By doing so, we hope to create an environment at Pingry where women’s empowerment can flourish.
Faculty Advisor: Huang-Hobbs

Podcast Club
Providing a lesser appreciated form of entertainment in the form of podcasts.
Faculty advisor: VanAntwerp

Politics Club
This club examines current political, social, and economic issues in a round table format. Meetings begin with a presentation by a student member and the floor is then opened for discussion. The group’s goal is to promote critical thinking and reasoned discussion.
Faculty Advisor: Keating

Potters for Peace
As part of the Pingry Potters for Peace Club, we hope to create pots, mugs, and bowls for charity (such as the American Cancer Society). These charities will sell the pottery and all the profits will be donated.
Faculty Advisor: Freiwald

Red Cross Club
This club seeks to raise awareness of global crises and alleviate the hardships brought about by these crises through donation and support of the international Red Cross.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Student Activities Committee (SAC)
This group seeks to bring the student body closer together through multiple assembly periods throughout the year.
Faculty Advisor: Ross

Student Movement Against Cancer (SMAC)
SMAC is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for cancer research. With events and fundraisers, SMAC unites the Pingry upper school in the battle against cancer.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Student Wellness Club
Our mission for this club is to provide fun activities where students can de-stress from their school work, such as tea breaks, yoga, and nature walks. We want the students to have a good balance between work and relaxation!
Faculty Advisor: Rosen

Students Support Refugees
Through tutoring, discussion, and social events, the refugees will be guided, motivated, and supported by the club members.
Faculty Advisor: Hartz

Taiko Drumming
To spread awareness and love for Taiko Drumming.
Faculty Advisor: Leone

Travis Manion Foundation (TMF Club)
To carry on the mission of the Travis Manion Foundation by honoring the military veterans of Pingry and in their name, unite and strengthen our local communities. To be seen as role models in our community where we work to inspire and help others in the Pingry community to become better versions of themselves through community driven projects and civic events.
Faculty Advisor: Dillon

Young Americans Club
This club is focused on analyzing pending New Jersey bills and creating civil political discourse. YAC is a great way for students to get involved with local politics.Faculty Advisor: Rushforth

Community and Civic Engagement

Pingry’s Community and Civic Engagement program is an integral part of Pingry’s educational philosophy and curriculum. Developing character and integrity and building self-confidence are essential goals of the school, and community and civic engagement endeavors are prime opportunities for this personal growth. Our student volunteers generally find that the benefits they receive from these experiences are just as great as the benefits of those they serve.

Basking Ridge Campus - Upper School and Middle School

  • Pingry’s Community and Civic Engagement program encourages students to share their time and resources with others. Students are responsible for planning their own volunteer activities and are expected to complete 10 hours of community and civic engagement by May 1 of each academic year in one of the many individual and group-oriented projects offered.
  • A student may serve a maximum of three hours of community engagement to the Pingry community and may serve all of the necessary 10 hours in summer volunteer work. Each student is also responsible for reporting his or her hours in the community and civic engagement database. Satisfactory completion of community and civic engagement hours will be recorded on the student's transcript.
  • Special Note for Seniors: Seniors must complete their community and civic engagement requirements before beginning their Independent Senior Project (ISP) in order to receive their diploma.
  • For more information about the Community and Civic Engagement program at the Basking Ridge Campus, please contact Shelley Hartz, Director of Community and Civic Engagement.


Community and civic engagement Database

Short Hills Campus - Lower School

Building character is at the forefront of the Lower School experience. Although there is not a specific time requirement for each student, all Lower School students are expected to participate in class and school-wide community and civic engagement projects that occur several times per school year. Buddy classes also spend time working on community and civic engagement projects together.

For more information about the community and civic engagement program at the Short Hills Campus, please contact Dr. Sandy Lizaire-Duff P '25, Lower School Director.

Independent Senior Project (ISP)

ISP is the capstone of the Pingry Upper School experience —a self-designed learning experience that students undertake for the final five weeks of their senior year.

Learn more about ISP

High School students with school mascot, Big Blue, at Homecoming

Student Handbook

This guide contains school policies on attendance, academics, athletics and physical education, community service, dress code, Honor Code and code of conduct, technology, and much more.

Learn more

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