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Pingry’s Varsity Baseball team knew it could have a great season. It just needed a catcher first






At Pingry, students enjoy a rich academic and social life filled with a host of co- and extra-curricular activities, including athletics, visual arts, drama, music, journalism, community and civic engagement, environmental programs, and more.

With more than 100 clubs, organizations, and enrichment opportunities spread across two campuses offering the best in facilities and resources, students have countless opportunities to pursue their interests and develop new passions. 

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Community and Civic Engagement

Pingry’s Community and Civic Engagement program is an integral part of Pingry’s educational philosophy and curriculum. Developing character and integrity and building self-confidence are essential goals of the school, and community and civic engagement endeavors are prime opportunities for this personal growth. Our student volunteers generally find that the benefits they receive from these experiences are just as great as the benefits of those they serve.

Independent Senior Project (ISP)

ISP is the capstone of the Pingry Upper School experience —a self-designed learning experience that students undertake for the final five weeks of their senior year.

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SRP - Standard Response Protocol

Crisis isn't a choice - Response is.

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is based on a COMMON LANGUAGE approach as opposed to individual scenarios. SRP utilizes clear common language while allowing for flexibility in protocol. The premise is simple - there are five specific actions that can be performed during an incident. When communicating these, the action is labeled with a “Term of Art” and is then followed by a “Directive.” Execution of the action is performed by active participants, including students, staff, teachers and first responders. The SRP is based on the following actions: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter.

Our school has adopted The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s Standard Response Protocol (SRP). Students and staff will train, practice, and drill the protocols.  

The SRP's have been developed hand-in-hand with school administrators, psychologists, public space safety experts, families, and first responders. This program is both research and experience-based.

We wanted to share with you the Actions and the Instructions that would follow.

Actions! Instructions!

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