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PSPA parents throwing tennis balls in the air

Pingry parents are welcomed into our community just as eagerly as our students. We also welcome their involvement.

We’re committed to keeping our families informed and abreast of the school’s culture, policies, procedures, and practices to enhance everyone’s experience. We also provide information about school events and opportunities that not only further a student’s academic success, but also benefit the entire family.

Please visit our School News and All-School Calendar often, watch for our weekly Big Blue Bulletin emails, familiarize yourself with our Key Dates, and continue the conversation on our social media channels! And, if you have any specific questions, please contact Frederique ("Freddy") Schachter, Associate Director of Parent Engagement in the Office of Institutional Advancement.

The Pingry School Parents’ Association (PSPA)

As the official parent organization of Pingry, this group has one objective in mind: To increase involvement and create a sense of belonging for all members of the Pingry community. The PSPA is a financially self-sustaining organization, and all parents of current students are considered members.

Although its primary audience is current parents and families, The PSPA also works to build community with the administration, faculty, and staff by hosting a range of social events and informational sessions on the Short Hills and Basking Ridge Campuses.

The PSPA is overseen by a 12-member PSPA Executive Board, which consists of six elected positions and six positions appointed by the PSPA President, and meets monthly. Additionally, there are 60+ Advisory Board members in leadership positions who oversee individual PSPA events and activities.

What is the best way to get involved? Volunteer—your contributions count! It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and feel connected to our community. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, your involvement is encouraged—visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to see how you might lend a hand. The PSPA values your opinions and looks forward to your active participation.

The PSPA holds approximately 60 events each school year. We couldn’t do it without the amazing 200+ parent volunteers who organize and execute for our school and, of course,
for our children.


A message from the PSPA President

As a parent at Pingry, you are the Pingry School Parents’ Association (PSPA). Whether you serve on the PSPA Executive Board, chair a committee, volunteer for a shift at an event, or attend PSPA events, we all contribute to the PSPA and therefore the School community in our own way. The PSPA partners with Pingry leadership to help the school run smoothly, and this partnership is critical to the success of a high-functioning school.  

Headshot of Margaret Santana

I am honored to take on the role of PSPA President for the 2020-21 school year. It is a daunting and uncertain time, but I am confident that each of us as PSPA members will adapt to our changing environment and find new ways to connect with our community. 

This will not be a “cut and paste” year. We will all have to adapt to meet the challenges ahead. I ask for your patience and understanding as we all adjust, and even improvise at times, to be as flexible as possible to support the Pingry community and its evolving needs. The PSPA is planning a year of familiar events, such as Friday Night Lights, the Spring Soirée, and the Lower School Book Fair. But, we are also working overtime to consider alternate scenarios for how these events may look depending on our ability to gather in person or in larger groups. We are open to everyone’s ideas and suggestions and appreciate your willingness to adapt to ensure that we are still able to come together as a community and maintain some of the familiarity of long-standing Pingry traditions.

Finally, I urge you to continue to look for ways to connect with each other, our students, and the school overall, as human connection will be even more important during these uncertain times. While there are many things we cannot control right now, we can control how we show up for our school community and for one another. Planning, chairing, volunteering, or simply participating in a PSPA or other school event (in-person or virtually) are all ways we can continue to show up for our community and can be a great way to meet other parents and work directly with faculty and staff. Please take a moment to review the Volunteer Opportunities page and sign up to receive more information by taking this Volunteer Opportunity Survey (coming soon).

I, along with the PSPA Executive Board, look forward to partnering with all of you on this journey during the next school year. Wherever the road takes us, we will do it together. 

Margaret Santana P ’22, '24
2020-21 PSPA President

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