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In an interview with, Chris Lear ’92 reflects on his book “Running with the Buffaloes.”

Big Blue is poised to advance a record number of wrestlers on to the Regional Tournament this season. Another is aiming for his second-consecutive State Tournament run. 

After years of cultivating an interest in the sciences, the junior secured an internship with a professor at NJIT. A little over a year later, he was a co-author on a published scientific review paper. Find out how it all happened. 

Board of Trustees

"When I arrived at Pingry as a new Form III student in the fall of 1974, my very first grade, on a French quiz—on a scale of 1-7, which I think was unique to Pingry—was a 7. I turned to the student sitting next to me and asked him, “Is a 7 an A or an F?” Let’s just say, I needed to put in a better academic effort.

I didn’t talk to my parents until around Thanksgiving because they had forced me to go to this school where I didn’t know anyone and it was obviously a lot harder than I was used to. But as the weeks and months and years went by, my experience at Pingry was totally transformed.

I got my grades up, explored new activities, made lifelong friends, and ultimately allowed my parents to converse with me once again. And that is what Pingry does, it transforms its students. It requires you to put forward your best effort, but the rewards are the extraordinary opportunities—academic, athletic, artistic, and social.

Every Pingry trustee has their own story that has led them to respect and love our school, and want to serve it as a member of the Board. We are a Board of Trustees composed of parents and alumni dedicated to supporting the School in its mission to provide an exceptional environment for a superior education.

We work collectively with the Administrative Team to steward precious resources, develop an ever more inclusive community, reinforce Pingry’s commitment to its Honor Code, and ensure overall academic and programmatic excellence. Pingry, which transformed me over 40 years ago, is today focused on transforming more than 1,100 students each year. It is an education that we, as a Board, work diligently to sustain and enhance."

-Jeffrey N. Edwards ’78, P ’12 ’14, ’18, Chair

2018-2019 Officers & Trustees


  • Jeffrey N. Edwards ’78, P ’12 ’14, ’18, Chair
  • Ian Shrank ’71, Vice Chair
  • Jonathan Peacock P ’17, Treasurer
  • Katharine Wyman Procter P ’22, ’26, Secretary
  • Stuart M. Lederman ’78, Assistant Secretary


  • William D. (Chip) Baird III ’89, P ’21
  • Stephen M. Barral P ’14, ’18, ’22
  • Janice C. Beckmen P ’15, ’19, ’19
  • Xiaofeng (Daniel) Chen P ’25, ’26
  • Arlyn Davich ’99
  • Anne DeLaney ’79, P ’09, ’11, ’14, ’14
  • Kevin Eng P ’24, ‘26
  • Betty Galvan P ’25, ’29, ’31, President of the PSPA
  • Denise M. Grant P ’23
  • John W. Holman III ’79, P ’09, ’11, ’14
  • Dev C. Ittycheria P ’19, ’22
  • Craig A. Larson P ’18, ’20
  • Gwen Li P ’27, ’30
  • Stephanie Link P’25
  • Steven M. Lipper ’79, P ’09, ’12, ’14
  • N. Gregory Mankiw ’76
  • Donald C. Mullins, Jr. P ’15, ’20
  • Maggie O’Toole ’05
  • Laura Overdeck P ’21, ’23, ’26
  • Amy B. Saunders P ’19
  • Norbert (Woody) Weldon ’91, P ’23, President of the PAA
  • Jonathan Z. Wilf ’02, Chair, The Pingry Fund


Honorary Trustees

  • Edward (Ned) S. Atwater IV ’63
  • John B. Brescher, Jr. ’65, P ’99
  • Victoria Brooks, P ’02, ’04
  • William V. Engel ’67
  • John W. Holman, Jr. ’55, P ’79, GP ’09, ’11, ’14
  • Kathleen M. Hugin P ’11, ’13
  • Stephan F. Newhouse ’65, P ’95, ’97, ’99
  • Park B. Smith ’50, GP ’06, ’08, ’09, ’10
  • F. Helmut Weymar ’54