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The Pingry Independent Senior Project

For many students, the Independent Senior Project (ISP) is one of their most memorable and rewarding experiences at Pingry. The capstone of a Pingry Upper School education, the ISP is a self-designed learning project that students undertake outside of the classroom during the final five weeks of their senior year. From exploring fields of interest through internships in medicine, finance, law, or media, for example, to following a dream to develop their own community and civic engagement or art project, students are invited to delve into a topic or project that they have always wanted to explore but for which they have never quite had the time.

As part of the ISP, Pingry students receive feedback and guidance from their project mentor and Pingry's ISP coach. At the culmination of the program, participants present their projects to the school community and family members—a great opportunity for younger students to learn about the ISP program and begin to envision what they might like to pursue their senior year.

Why Require an ISP? Because Students. . .

Explore Recent ISPs

Shacil Boatswain
Class of 2023

I have always found it hard to find a way to combine my two interests: Science and art. However, I wanted to use my independent senior project as a way to change that. With that, I decided to do medical illustrations. I wanted to do these illustrations about a specific illness as a way to guide my illustrations and research. I chose to do it on rabies due to an interest in it that started junior year when I had to listen to a podcast about it for homework in my science class.

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Charlie Cooperman
Class of 2023

During my ISP, I worked for the Hon. William Mennen, Pingry Class of 1985. For the last few weeks, I learned how the family court runs and what it means to work within the legal system. Even at the start of my ISP, there were steps I had to go through because the legal field has many restrictions and confidentiality that has to be respected. I had to be fingerprinted and get a background check to be approved to work in the Judge’s office and court in Flemington, NJ. 

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Alexa Drovetsky
Class of 2023

I was thrilled when I came across an ISP opportunity on Schoology that was perfect for me. Ms. Josephs, the Vice President and General Manager of the data and advertising business at Sam's Club, caught my attention due to her impressive background working for brands like Hulu, Pinterest, and VEVO. This sparked my interest because I've always aspired to pursue a career in business, marketing, or consulting. 

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Mirika Jambudi
Class of 2023

For my ISP, I interned with the Finance, Accounting, & Treasury team at Toorak Capital Partners in Summit. Throughout high school, my extracurriculars centered around research and the humanities, so I aimed to gain exposure to the finance industry before starting college. Overall, it gave me a better understanding of what areas of study I want to pursue, and made me think about potentially pursuing a career in finance and banking. 

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Charles Jiang
Class of 2023

For my ISP, I interned at Cenntro Electric Group. With three warehouses in Freehold NJ, Headquartered in China, Cenntro is an electric vehicle startup that was founded in 2013 and IPO’d on December 30th, 2021. For a month, I shadowed employees and carried out important tasks for the company, learning about EVs, the state of the company, and the experience of working in the technology startup industry. 

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Thomas Weldon
Class of 2023

This past month I had the opportunity and the absolute pleasure to be a part of the Great Swamp Watershed Association’s team. During my time there I got firsthand experience on the inner workings of a non-profit organization as well as hands-on experience in the field of environmental science. Although we were doing really important science and water quality testing, we still had fun with it. 

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