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Middle School

Tamara Schurdak

Director of the Middle School


Tamara Schurdak draws on her extensive expertise in school leadership (including division head and head of school positions), teaching, coaching, and advisory roles, to guide and support Pingry’s Middle School program.

Cultivating and channeling the development of students at this stage of immense growth is a priority at Pingry. Ms. Schurdak's deep knowledge of curriculum development and hands-on classroom experiences lend themselves well to overseeing such a rich program of deep learning. Moreover, Ms. Schurdak believes that communities are strongest when those in a division (teachers, counselors, specialists, and coaches) are supported in their work to nurture the complex, exciting, and significant growth of middle schoolers as students and as people. From core academics to the arts, physical education to community and civic engagement, at the end of three years, Middle School students are well equipped for their transition to the Upper School.

Our Middle School students gain a sense of confidence in themselves and respect for their peers as they navigate new experiences and form their emerging identities and academic interests. 

Students smiling near lockers in the Middle School.


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Community Life

We nurture students who are healthy, happy, and engaged—and ready to take on the world.


Athletics Program

Pingry student athletes succeed not just in a win, but in the effort and camaraderie, and step back on the field each day, ready to work.

Arts Program

Myriad offerings in theatre, dance, music, and the arts, enriched by state-of-the-art infrastructure, resources, and talented faculty on each campus.