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Global Programs

To be a Pingry student is to be an explorer. Our ideas are not contained by classroom walls, nor do our connections end at a ZIP code. Our heart is in Pingry, yet adventure awaits in the world at large.Global education is more important than ever, and we are committed to ensuring our students engage in the wider world. At Pingry, students can travel abroad for academic wonder, like discovering tropical marine life of the barrier reef system of Belize. Our students can spend a semester abroad immersing themselves in a new culture, gaining a new appreciation for our interconnected world in incredible destinations like Chile, Switzerland, or Jordan. We believe that moments of joyous discovery and human connection propel us forward to new modes of learning, understanding, and empathy.

At Pingry, our Global Programs represent the very spirit of global citizenship. Our programs are intentionally designed to maximize learning and connection. We approach the world outside our doors with awe, curiosity, a sense of humility, and we remain open to inspiration as we seek out authentic experiences, enriching activities, and memorable cuisines.

Semester Away Programs

Semester-long immersions.

Travel Courses

Short-term trips led by Pingry faculty.