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Ring the Bell: Pingry's Annual Celebration of Giving

Basking Ridge Fall campus


Ring the Bell: Pingry’s Annual Celebration of Giving
Record-Breaking Success on September 27 and 28! 

Throughout the historic, record-breaking 48 hours of Ring the Bell: Pingry's Annual Celebration of Giving, we proudly witnessed the entire Pingry community—alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, friends, and students—come together in support of Pingry’s mission. With its name borrowed from the lyrics of our school song, Ring the Bell is about celebrating Pingry and our school community.

More than 800 members of the Pingry community participated in Ring the Bellraising over $1.61 million for The 2022 Pingry Fund—including $820,000 from challenge grants.  This record-setting level of support is truly a testament to our community’s commitment to our students. Together, we keep Pingry a dynamic institution that continually rises to and meets the challenge of the day.  Thank you to everyone for your participation and your record-breaking generosity! 

Constituency Donors    Total Dollars Raised *
Alumni  226 $ 383,634
Current Parents  464 $ 1,297,491
Faculty and Staff 271 $ 14,211
Students 66 $ 567
Grandparents & Friends 24 $ 52,523
Total    $ 1,612,596


Please note: Some gifts are credited to more than one Pingry constituency. 

Pingry Parents       Donors   Total Dollars Raised *
Kindergarten 22 $ 82,030
Grade 1 28 $ 80,121
Grade 2 44 $ 101,268
Grade 3 31 $ 101,882
Grade 4 36 $ 35,568
Grade 5 37 $ 107,438
Grade 6  49 $ 102,494
Grade 7 (Form I) 49 $ 151,007
Grade 8 (Form II) 34 $ 248,069
Grade 9 (Form III) 66 $ 285,819
Grade 10 (Form IV) 56 $ 161,923
Grade 11 (Form V) 48 $ 252,896
Grade 12 (Form VI) 40 $ 225,179



Please note: Some gifts are credited to more than one current parent year. 

Total Ring the Bell Challenge Grants = $820,000 

Leadership Challenge — As part of a historic challenge, members of the Pingry community, including the Board of Trustees, the Pingry Alumni Association, the Pingry Parents Association, the Administrative Team, and the Senior Class Gift Committee, offered a challenge grant of over $625,000. During Ring the Bell, every time a new* donor made a Pingry Fund gift of ANY size, Pingry received an additional $1,861 in honor of Pingry's founding year!  Status: Challenge Met! 

Current Parent Challenge — A group of proud Pingry parents from across the Lower, Middle, and Upper School Divisions came together to show their appreciation for their children's education. They collectively pledged to make a total gift of $145,000 to Pingry if 145 fellow current parents made a Ring the Bell gift to The Pingry Fund. Status: Challenge Met! 

Alumni Reunion Challenge — A group of alumni from the 1950s throught the 2000s came together to mark their upcoming Reunion in a BIG way!  They collectively pledged to make a total gift of $50,000 to Pingry if 40 of their fellow alumni celebrating a reunion this year made a Ring the Bell gift to The Pingry Fund.  Status: Challenge Met! 

* Donor who had not yet given during last year's fiscal year that began on July 1, 2021