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It's the most wonderful time of the year here at The Pingry School! Students have returned, extracurricular activities are taking place, lots of learning is happening, and relationships are being developed. In addition to all of these exciting happenings across our campuses, Pingry is delighted to introduce you to the newest members of our talented team for the 2021-22 school year.

Ring the Bell: A Resounding Success!

Basking Ridge Fall campus


Ring the Bell: Pingry’s Annual Celebration of Giving
September 25 and 26, 2020

Throughout the 48 hours of Ring the Bell: Pingry's Annual Celebration of Giving, we witnessed the Pingry community—alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, friends, and students—come together in support of Pingry’s mission. More than 700 members of our school community participated in Ring the Bell, helping us to secure an additional $690,000 in challenge grants—including the $500,000 challenge grant offered by members of Pingry's Board of Trustees.  Including these grants, Ring the Bell raised over $1.3 million for The 2021 Pingry Fund!  This record-setting level of support is truly a testament to our community’s commitment to our students. Together, we keep Pingry a dynamic institution that continually rises to the challenge of the day.  Thank you for your generosity!  

Pingry Community Members   Donors     Total Dollars Raised *
Alumni 217 $ 266,526
Current Parents 349 $ 1,028,338
Faculty and Staff 139 $ 13,797
Students 16 $ 221
Parents of Alumni 96 $ 358,892
Grandparents 15 $ 10,350
Total    $ 1,340,595



Please note: Some gifts are credited to more than one Pingry constituency. 

Current Pingry Parents          Donors       Total Dollars Raised *
Kindergarten 27 $ 63,800
Grade 1 23 $ 98,950
Grade 2 26 $ 98,830
Grade 3 20 $ 18,636
Grade 4 44 $ 73,086
Grade 5 26 $ 49,856
Grade 6  48 $ 70,656
Grade 7 (Form I) 37 $ 351,455
Grade 8 (Form II) 37 $ 101,491
Grade 9 (Form III) 57 $ 133,689
Grade 10 (Form IV) 63 $ 245,797
Grade 11 (Form V) 45 $ 216,897
Grade 12 (Form VI) 48 $ 251,711



Please note: Some gifts are credited to more than one current parent year. 

Top 5 Alumni Classes Participation
1978 16.14%
1999 14.80%
1994 9.50%
2005 9.60%
2008 9.60%

Total Ring the Bell Challenge Grants = $690,000 

Trustee Challenge — Members of Pingry’s Board of Trustees offered a historic challenge grant of $500,000. Each time a new* donor made a gift or pledge of ANY size to The Pingry Fund on September 25 or 26, Pingry received an additional $1,000!  Status: Challenge Met! 

Alumni Challenge in Memory of John Hanly — An anonymous group of donors pledged to make a gift of $50,000 to Pingry if 50 of their fellow alumni made a gift to The Pingry Fund and indicated that their gift was in memory of former Headmaster John Hanly.  Status: Challenge Met! 

Senior Parent Challenge — An anonymous group of senior families pledged to make a gift of $40,000 to Pingry if 40 senior families made a Pingry Fund gift.  Status: Challenge Met! 

Middle School Parent Challenge — All Middle School families will have their Pingry Fund gifts matched dollar for dollar, up to $20,000, by an anonymous Middle School family.  Status: Challenge Met! 

Lower School Parent Challenge — All Lower School families will have their gifts to The Pingry Fund matched dollar for dollar, up to $30,000, by an anonymous Lower School family.  Status: Challenge Met! 

New Family Parent Challenge — All families new to Pingry will have their gifts to The Pingry Fund matched dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, by an anonymous group of donors.  Status: Challenge Met! 

We Invite You to Support The 2021 Pingry Fund!

There is still time to support The Pingry Fund!  Our collective support of The Pingry Fund enables Pingry to deliver on the promise of Pingry Anywhere. In-person or remotely, students are connecting, learning, and thriving, and we gratefully acknowledge the philanthropic support that makes this possible. 

* Donor who has not yet given during the current fiscal year that began on July 1, 2020