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Vicky Gu '20 and Jake Austin '19 Selected for 'Fresh Perspectives'

Art by Vicky Gu '20 and Jake Austin '19 is on display until Sunday, June 9 in the prestigious "Fresh Perspectives" exhibit at the Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ.

"Fresh Perspectives" is an annual juried exhibit for New Jersey high school students—Pingry students have been included nearly every year for over 20 years.

The show began in 1989 to give artistically accomplished high school students an outlet to express their creativity, as well as the experience of having their work appear in a professionally organized museum exhibition. It also recognizes art teachers for their encouragement and effective teaching of these student artists. This year's exhibit features 50 pieces of outstanding artwork selected from over 500 submissions from 40 New Jersey high schools. Below, Vicky and Austin describe their inspirations:

Vicky Gu: Malibu Bathers (oil on canvas)

"Originally, Ms. Sullivan, my Drawing and Painting II teacher, gave the class the prompt to paint something as if you were collaborating with another contemporary painter. I chose to 'collaborate' with Eric Fischl because I was inspired by his beach/pool paintings of nude subjects. I decided, however, not to try to emulate his style, but instead develop my own technique, as figure painting was still relatively new to me. As a reference, I used a photo that I took a few years ago while I was in Malibu."

Jake Austin: Crystal Blue Persuasion (crystalized glazed porcelain)

"My inspiration came from professional ceramic artist Matt Horne. He specializes in closed-neck bottles and crystalline glazes. My piece is also a closed-neck bottle with a crystalline glaze. This glaze, in particular, is a Nickel crystalline glaze, meaning it was made with nickel oxide. Matt Horne is constantly posting pictures of his different pieces on Instagram, and that is where I get the majority of my inspiration. I am always trying to make the difficult shapes he produces and am always trying to produce different crystalline glazes that compete with his."

Contact: Greg Waxberg '96, Communications Writer