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Students were political canvassers, escape room artists, physicists, fashionistas, inventors, thought leaders, collaborators, activists, change agents, and boat builders, among many other identities, during Project Week 2019.

Three Pingry Students Honored by Bridges

Lucy Berndt '20, Alison Lee '20, and Ben Hargrove '20 are among 12 recipients of the 2019 Bridges' Founders' Award, presented to high school juniors or seniors who have faithfully supported the work of Bridges and who have proven to be a friend to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Director of Community and Civic Engagement Shelley Hartz (who oversees a program in which all Pingry students in Grades 7-12 complete at least 10 hours of service each school year) nominated Lucy, Alison, and Ben, leaders of Pingry's Bridges Club who publicize Bridges runs and are members of Teens Tackle Homelessness (TTH), a branch of Bridges that organizes an awareness conference each year.

"Last year, our theme was The Next Step. We talked about all of the different solutions, both long-term and short-term, of homelessness," Alison says. "This year, our theme was Hearing the Unheard. We wanted to discuss stereotypes surrounding homelessness and debunk them."

Contact: Greg Waxberg '96, Communications Writer