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Among a record number of submissions for this year's New Year's card design contest, the artwork of Sheryl Chen '26 took the prize, reminding Pingrians of the importance of unity and community.

Senior Athletes Heading to College Teams

Thirty Pingry seniors will take their athletic skills to college teams next year. This group of talented student-athletes will head off to 24 new campuses in the fall to play 12 different sports for some of the nation's premier college athletics programs. Six of these seniors will play at Division I schools, which required signed national letters of intent, but many more will also be playing at other top Division II and III athletics programs around the country.

Big Blue's 2020 graduates will represent the following sports in college: football (1), lacrosse (3), squash (3), soccer (8), swimming (3), track & field (4), field hockey (1), basketball (1), baseball (2), tennis (2), cross-country (1), and equestrian (1). (Note that some athletes plan to play multiple sports in college.) Below is a list of these 29 seniors and their schools, and a collage of all of them sporting their college t-shirts at home.

Congratulations to all of our seniors, who will continue their sport at the next level. Go Big Blue student athletes!

*Anthony Acciani
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, swimming

Matthew Agudelo
Drew University, soccer

Kierstyn Brown
Penn State University, track & field

**William Bugliari
Colgate University, soccer

**Emma Capanna
Stanford University, lacrosse

Renee Chan
Columbia University, squash

Alexander Chiang
University of Southern California, squash

**Caroline Dannenbaum
Vanderbilt University, track & field

Hannah Dillon
Hamilton College, field hockey

James Draper
Denison University, football

Alyson Feeley
University of Pennsylvania, lacrosse

**Pranav Jha
Georgetown University, soccer

**Kalman Kraham
Lafayette College, lacrosse

Brandon Lane
Dickinson College, basketball

Matthew Lee
Tufts University, baseball

Leah Mangold
Gettysburg College, soccer

Reid McBoyle
Claremont McKenna, swimming

Waleed Nisar
Hamilton College, squash

Carol Ann Perry
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, track & field

Madisyn Pilla
Columbia University, soccer

Natalia Ramirez
Columbia University, soccer

**Derek Raskopf
Georgetown University, tennis

Linda Robinson
Franklin & Marshall College, tennis

John Robertson
Babson College, soccer

William Stearns
Tufts University, swimming

Nicole Vanasse
Columbia University, cross country and track

Caroline Wargo
Boston College, equestrian

Alexandra Weber
New York University, soccer

Collin Wen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, squash

Thomas Wolf
Carleton College, baseball

*Not pictured
**Designates Division I National Letter of Intent signees

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