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'Postcards to the Library' Marks 15 Years

Assistant Headmaster-Short Hills Campus and Lower School Director Ted Corvino, Lower School Librarian Ann D'Innocenzo, and Assistant Director of the Lower School Dr. Sandy Lizaire-Duff with 10 recipients of reading certificates.

Hanging strips of postcards have appeared in the hallway outside the Lower School Library for each of the past 15 years. Part of the “Postcards to the Library” summer reading program launched in 2004 by Lower School Librarian Ann D’Innocenzo, each postcard represents a book read by a student since June.

“I was responsible for issuing summer reading,” she has said of the program’s origin, “but when the kids came back to school in September, I always felt I had no idea if they had read or what they had read. I didn’t want to assign reading because that takes the joy out of it for them. I wanted it to be a fun experience, while still keeping a handle on their summer progress.”

During this year’s Lower School’s “Welcome Assembly” on the first day of school, Mrs. D’Innocenzo presented a basket to Assistant Headmaster–Short Hills Campus and Lower School Director Ted Corvino P ’94, ’97, ’02—filled with approximately 1,100 postcards sent by new and returning students! He drew 10 of them, and each lucky student received a reading certificate and a gift card to Barnes & Noble. All of the postcards are on display for the entire school year.

Contact: Greg Waxberg ’96, Communications Writer,