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Pingry Celebrates the Year of the Tiger

Pingry's annual Lunar New Year Assembly in February celebrated the year of the tiger, beginning in colorful, festive form with a traditional Dragon Dance featuring Middle School students who proceeded from the top rear of Hauser Auditorium down to the stage; Chinese dragons are believed to bring good luck and chase away evil spirits. "For Asian families around the world, Lunar New Year is a time of great festivities and joy when families come together to celebrate the arrival of a new year," said Kyra Li '23, who co-hosted with Charles Jiang '23.

The audience was also treated to an instrumental arrangement, played on a traditional Chinese woodwind instrument, of the folk song "Yimeng Mountain Minor," which was composed by a soldier to express the beauty of nature and peace after returning from a chaotic battle during World War II in China; the K-Pop Club performing "Loco" by ITZY (embracing the feeling of being lost in love); the poem "Prelude to Water Melody" (adapted from a classic poem written more than 1,000 years ago); "face changing" with a guest performer from the National Peking Opera; Taiko drumming; and a fashion show. Winners were also announced in the "Best Tiger Drawing" contest run by the Middle School Comics and Drawing Club (categories: Best Drawn, Most Creative, Weirdest).

Contact: Greg Waxberg '96, Communications Writer, Editor of The Pingry Review