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Pingry Celebrates the Year of the Rat

Hosted by Monica Chan '21 and Guan Liang '21, January's Lunar New Year Celebration was a feast for the eyes and ears, opening with a traditional Dragon Dance, featuring Middle School students who are taking Chinese. It continued with the folk song "The Joy of the New Year" (instrumental quintet: Jeremy Lin '21, Kyra Li '23, Lauren Kim '23, Aneesh Karuppur '21, and Justin Li '21); the folk dance "New Attire," which tells the story of the Li-Su minority group (Purple Swans Dance Group); and the pop song "Look Over Here, Girl" by Taiwanese artist Richie Jen (Franklin Zhu '22 and Ram Doraswamy '22). The Taiko Drumming Club awed the audience with the exhilarating "Tatsumaki" ("whirlwind" in Japanese") by Hiroshi Tanaka, who said "the dynamic movements in the piece represent the energy and power of one of nature's strongest forces."

A separate event for the student body offered cultural stations: Bubble Tea, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chopsticks, Dumpling Making, Gongfu Tea, Korean Yut Game, Lunar New Year Traditions and Riddle Guessing, Mahjong, and Paper Cutting.

Contact: Greg Waxberg '96, Communications Writer, Editor of The Pingry Review