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As a senior co-captain of the Girls' Varsity Squash Team, Mahek shares what changes have been made this winter season, and what makes her proud to be part of the team. 

Pingry Celebrates the Year of the Ox

In a more typical school year, Middle and Upper School students, in partnership with faculty, would treat the Pingry community to a feast of the senses—live, in the Hauser Auditorium—in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

While every bit as cheerful and energetic, this winter's festivities looked a bit different. Hosts Milenka Men '23 and Charles Jiang '23 presented a 22-minute pre-recorded video filled with music, poetry, song, dance, and even drumming in honor of the Year of the Ox. Among other attributes, the ox signifies a bountiful harvest and good luck, which, as Milenka pronounced, will hopefully help to drive away the "evil spirits of COVID!"

Highlights included:

• In Hauser Auditorium, members of the Taiko Drumming Club (above), led by advisor Chris Leone, performed Matsuri ("festival" in Japanese).

• Vinav Shah '25 sang a selection from a traditional Chinese poem, The Plum Blossoms.

• Grade 6 students Jasmine Zhou and Ava Maloney recited a poem by Wang Anshi (1021-1086), The First Day of Lunar New Year.

• Ram Doraswamy '22 and Natalie DeVito '22 (right) sang "Tian Mi Mi" ("Sweet on You") by a more contemporary artist, Teresa Teng.

• Zoe Wang '22, on cello, and her mother, on piano, performed a popular Chinese folk song, "Mo Li Hua," or "Jasmine Flower."

• Gao Hong, a well-known Chinese performer, played "Dragon Boat" on the pipa, a pear-shaped lute traditional to Chinese music.

View the virtual celebration. The Pingry community sends New Year Greetings of happiness, warmth, and good luck!

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