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New Members of The Cum Laude Society

Pingry announces its 28 newest members of The Cum Laude Society. Established in 1906 as the secondary school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa, the country’s oldest collegiate honor society, The Cum Laude Society honors academic excellence and superior scholarship among its 382 member schools. Membership in this prestigious academic organization is limited to 20 percent of the Senior Class.

New Inductees, Class of 2021
Anushka Agrawal
Lily Arrom
Noah Bergam
Joseph Castagno
Sophia Cavaliere
Monica Chan
Christian Colella
Carolyn Coyne
Meghan Durkin
Luc Francis
Emma Huang
Rhea Kapur
Aneesh Karuppur
Claire Keller
Dean Koenig
Teodora Kolarov
Julian Lee
Justin Li
Guanyun Liang
Jessica Lin
Helen Liu
Matthew Mandel
Narayan Murti
Eva Schiller
Sydney Stovall
Olivia Volpe
Jessica Yatvitskiy
Hugh Zhang

To be considered for election, Pingry students must meet the following criteria: maintain at least an A- grade point average, achieve Honor Roll status during their Upper School years, carry a full college preparatory course load, and receive at least 50 percent of the votes from electing members of the Pingry chapter of The Cum Laude Society. However, fulfillment of these requirements does not guarantee membership because the Society emphasizes more than academic grades.

It recognizes individuals who—in all areas of their lives—love to learn, share their knowledge with others, and demonstrate scholarship, honor, integrity, and good character. The Society also hopes that all of its members will continue their cooperative and selfless pursuit of knowledge while serving as lifelong examples of The Cum Laude Society motto: Aréte (Excellence), Diké (Justice), Timé (Honor).

Front row: Helen Liu, Narayan Murti, Olivia Volpe, Claire Keller, Meghan Durkin, Carolyn Coyne, Christian Colella, Anushka Agrawal, and Lily Arrom.
Middle row: Hugh Zhang, Guanyun Liang, Noah Bergam, Eva Schiller, Monica Chan, Rhea Kapur, Sydney Stovall, and Jessica Yatvitskiy.
Back row: Science Teacher and Cum Laude Society Secretary Jeffrey Jenkins, Matthew Mandel, Justin Li, Jessica Lin, Julian Lee, Dean Koenig, Aneesh Karuppur, Emma Huang, Luc Francis, Sophia Cavaliere, Joseph Castagno, and Head of School Matt Levinson.
Not pictured: Teodora Kolarov.

Contact: Greg Waxberg ’96, Communications Writer, Editor of The Pingry Review