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In My Own Words: Swimmer Lily Arrom '21

By Lily Arrom '21

I only swim during the winter, so I've always appreciated the month of swimming and lifting we would have before the first meet of a season. However, thanks to COVID, we had our season both postponed and shortened, with the pool opening on February 1 and competition starting on February 16. Our December and January workouts, done both at home and at the BAC, were helpful and a fun way to start connecting with teammates new and old. But starting a season off with only two weeks of swimming (for those who do not compete year-round for a club team) was admittedly a bit nerve-wracking. 

Despite that, this shortened season has come with surprising benefits. I'm usually not one to work well under a time crunch, but the added motivation that it brings to swim has really paid off for us. In general, the pandemic as a whole has taught me to appreciate the things I once took for granted, including all that practice time we used to have. Swimming isn't an easy sport to adjust to on the fly (pun intended), but my teammates and I have done a great job pushing ourselves and bringing our all to practices. 

Even though swimming is an individual sport and now has the added challenge of COVID, I'd say that we've still been able to build up a strong team culture. Getting through sets as a team, even when socially distanced, is crucial to the experience, and it fortunately hasn't been lost during our practices. As I'm writing this it's unclear whether our season can continue due to school going remote, and I'm disappointed that our season may be ending this way. Despite that though, I've loved being the team's unofficial motivational speaker, and I'm glad we were able to swim at all.

I'd say that my biggest goal is for everyone to make the most out of the time we may still have this season. Personally, I've always placed more of a focus on improvement rather than points earned. It can be disappointing to lose a race, but knowing that I've given my best effort and that I can continue to grow gives me peace of mind. I'm so proud of everyone's work thus far, and I hope that I can continue to promote positivity.

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