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A member of Pingry's Entrepreneurship Club, Madeline tells about pitching her business idea at the LaunchX Mid-Atlantic Regional Event in New York City.

A new vending machine on the Basking Ridge Campus, offering healthy snacks and small meals on-the-go, gives busy students another after-school snack option.

Helen Huang-Hobbs Is Awarded Teaching Fellowship

Helen Huang-Hobbs, who joined Pingry in 2016 to teach biology and chemistry, has received a Knowles Teaching Fellowship from the Knowles Teacher Initiative. Out of nearly 200 applicants nationally for the 2017 Cohort, Ms. Huang-Hobbs is one of 37 to be selected.

These Fellowships are intended to support early-career high school mathematics and science teachers. To be eligible, applicants must be starting their first or second year as teachers of record in the fall of the year that the Fellowship begins. Fellowships are awarded based on an applicant's potential to develop: the content knowledge needed for teaching, exemplary teaching practices, and the qualities of a teacher leader.

Over the course of a five-year program, Fellows have access to grants for purchasing classroom materials, engaging in professional development, and spearheading leadership activities. They also benefit from stipends, mentoring from experienced teachers, and membership in a nationwide community of more than 300 teachers who are committed to improving education.

"The Fellowship is massively impactful in just giving me time, space, and community to talk about teaching," Ms. Huang-Hobbs said. "I have a great base at Pingry, but, because Fellows are from all over the U.S.A., are working at all types of schools, and have different perspectives on teaching and learning, I really get to push my thinking about what practices I am using and how they could be improved. I am really looking forward to how my practice as a teacher will continue to be nurtured by both Pingry and Knowles."

In the summer of 2022, Ms. Huang-Hobbs will transition to Senior Fellow status with Knowles. Senior Fellows have the opportunity to remain involved in the Knowles community throughout their careers and be supported in ongoing leadership efforts.

Greg Waxberg '96, Communications Writer,