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Community Service and the Arts—Perfect Together

Pottery created by Pingry's Potters for Peace.

As Pingry's Community Service program continues to benefit more organizations, efforts are underway to link the program to the arts through Potters for Peace and Uarts (Universal Arts) Chapel Haven. The former is a student-founded Pingry group that creates pots to sell, to raise money for Cancer Support Community. The latter is an artisan training program for special-needs adults who create ties, bow ties, and scarves.

Creating this connection by selling items at Pingry's drama productions "is a perfect way for the arts to come together—we have a captive audience and a venue to support organizations with which we have developed a strong partnership," says Director of Community Service Ms. Shelley Hartz. "It's also a perfect way to raise awareness and funds for these two organizations."

Drama Department Chair Mrs. Stephanie Romankow is happy to see the plan come to fruition through the drama program. "This is an opportunity for the Pingry community to become more engaged with the organizations we are supporting. Everybody has a story to tell and a way to create something meaningful." Visual arts teacher Mr. Rich Freiwald points out that "the creative process is also a giving process."

Contact: Greg Waxberg '96, Communications Writer,