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Among a record number of submissions for this year's New Year's card design contest, the artwork of Sheryl Chen '26 took the prize, reminding Pingrians of the importance of unity and community.

Dear Families,

As your school nurses, we are always concerned with the health of our students and their families, and we remain so now more than ever. We understand that an extended school closure and move to remote learning is stressful and causes anxiety in everyone. We want you to know that, although we are not in school, we are still here for you!

The goal of school closure is to stop the spread of COVID-19, both within our own school community and the larger community in which we all live. In tandem with the school closure is social distancing, which is equally essential to preventing the spread of the virus.  , What does this mean for your family? 

  • Stay home. Keep your children home.

  • Do not have friends over for playdates, sleepovers, sports, or even to just "hang out.".

  •  Limit visitors to your home. 

  •  Avoid non-essential trips outside of your home. 

COVID-19  needs human contact in order to survive, which is why social distancing is so crucial to stopping the spread of the virus. The full cooperation of the entire Pingry community is required in order to reach this objective. The sooner we begin to practice social distancing, the sooner we will all be back together at school. If you have a question or concern or just need some reassurance for your child, please email us. We, too, are at home with our families, but during this school closure, we remain accessible by email and look forward to offering our support in any way we can. 

“The single most important thing that can happen right now is that we feel our collectivity—that we’re here to help each other move through this.” - Tara Brach, Ph.D., psychologist and author

Stay healthy, and we will see you all soon. 


Pingry’s Nursing Staff

Short Hills Campus
Ms. Paula Edell, School Nurse

Basking Ridge Campus
Mrs. Joy Livak, School Nurse

Ms. Jennifer DiBiasi, School Nurse

Pingry Responds to COVID-19