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June 2, 2018, National Cancer Survivors Day, was a day of hope, as well as a celebratory occasion on which Pingry students were recognized with the Spirit of Courage Award from the Cancer Support Community of Central New Jersey.

Ways to Give

Securing Pingry now and for the future...

Pingry offers a variety of individually tailored gift options that provide donors with maximum convenience and flexibility. Contributors may find that the resulting tax advantages enable them to make a significantly larger gift to Pingry than they had thought possible. These gifts will support essential programs at the school and help ensure that Pingry continues its tradition of excellence.

Just as a wise investor will look for ways to maximize the return on an investment, a wise donor will take advantage of tax incentives specifically intended to encourage charitable contributions. Such incentives often enable a donor to make a larger gift at no additional, or even a reduced, out-of-pocket cost.

While outright gifts are most immediately helpful to Pingry, donors may make a contribution in a variety of ways. Many of these offer substantial tax, estate planning, and other financial benefits. As a result, donors may enhance financial security for themselves and their families, while also making a substantial commitment to strengthening the future of Pingry.

There are almost as many variations on ways to make a donation as there are needs to be met.

Pingry’s Development Office staff welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and your advisors to discuss how you can include The Pingry School in your charitable plans. All discussions will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Ways of Giving

outright gifts

Gifts of Cash
Using our online payment system or writing a check to The Pingry School is a simple and direct way to contribute.

You may prefer to spread out payments for up to five years on a schedule convenient to you, allowing you to contribute more than believed possible.

Appreciated Securities*
We ask that donors making a gift of stock contact the School before the transfer is made so we may credit donors properly.

Other Appreciated Property*
Valuable personal property—books, works of art, antiques—often appreciate over time, presenting additional opportunities to contribute.

Real Estate*
You may deed property outright to Pingry, transfer ownership of some or all of the property to Pingry while retaining residency rights, or include real estate in a bequest.

Matching Gifts
A company or foundation that matches gifts can often double or triple contributions to Pingry. Contact your personnel office for details.

*These gifts are subject to advance approval by the School.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are an excellent way to ensure a legacy for future generations of Pingry students. With a little planning, you can include a gift to us within your overall estate or financial plans, which will help preserve our educational mission and provide you with tax benefits in return.

learn more about Planned GIVING

Endowment Funds

A well-managed endowment is a prime indicator of an institution’s financial health. Consisting of funds invested to provide annual returns for necessary purposes, Pingry’s endowment helps generate income for scholarships, supports our exceptional faculty, and keeps the school’s educational environment among the best in its class. Making a gift to the endowment enhances Pingry’s financial position and creates a legacy that impacts lives year after year. Your gift can be applied in many ways, including establishing a financial aid fund or a faculty chair, or by contributing to the general endowment or to any number of currently established funds, including faculty development and student prizes. Gifts of all sizes to the endowment fund are welcome, and a named endowment fund may be established with a minimum contribution of $250,000.

Learn More about Endowed Funds

A gift made to Pingry supports our vision to maintain Pingry’s standing as a premiere independent school. There are many ways to invest in this vision.