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Pingry People Exhibition Display

Pingry People

Through the Years

Discover the stories and contributions of former graduates, faculty and staff at Pingry. This interactive wall celebrates the diverse impact that people from our community have had over the years, both within the school and in the wider world.

Class of 1978

Dr. Sämi Ludwig

Pingry has been a partner school for AFS (American Field Service) exchange students since 1960, and Dr. Sämi Ludwig ’78 from Switzerland was one of the School’s two AFS students in 1977-78. A self-described “bookworm,” he says that Pingry changed his life and inspired him to study English.

  • 1970s
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Class of 1991

Dr. Bon Ku

How do doctors make a difference? In the case of Dr. Bon Ku ’91, he tackles all sorts of challenges as an Emergency Medicine physician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, and he made it his mission to address lots of other challenges as Co-Founder and Director of the Jefferson Health Design Lab...

  • 1990s
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Class of 2000

Rebecca Mozo

Award-winning actress Rebecca Mozo ’00 is drawn to the stage like a magnet—ever since high school, the stage has felt like home...

  • 2000s
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Teacher and Coach

Ed Scott, Jr.

Edward Scott, Jr., a member of the Magistri and an accomplished runner, taught and coached at Pingry from 1968 to 1995...

  • 1960s
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Class of 2016

Claudia Hu

Claudia Hu ’16 thought she wanted to be a doctor when she was growing up, but after starting to play the piano at age six, she improved to the point where she couldn’t envision giving up music...

  • 2010s
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Class of 1983

Andre Birotté, Jr.

The Honorable Andre Birotté, Jr. ’83, a federal judge in California, was supposed to have gone into medicine to follow in his father’s footsteps as a doctor, but it didn’t work out that way...

  • 1980s
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Class of 1977

Dr. Billy Cunningham

Disparities among populations are all-too-common in the United States, so Dr. William “Billy” Cunningham ’77 devoted his career to advocating for the health of marginalized communities...

  • 1970s
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Class of 1987

Elana Drell-Szyfer

A veteran of the cosmetics industry, Elana Drell-Szyfer ’87 credits Pingry with helping her land an entry-level position, namely because the School developed her love of French—an important influence and language in the cosmetics industry—global travel, and the aesthetics of Art History....

  • 1980s
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Class of 1917

Frederick Trapnell

The International Air & Space Hall of Fame welcomed Frederick M. Trapnell, Class of 1917, as a 2015, posthumous inductee (he died in 1975) to recognize his tremendous influence on the U.S. Navy and the history of naval aviation...

  • 1910s
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Class of 1986

Ron Rice, Jr.

“Life changing” is how Ron Rice, Jr. ’86 describes his Pingry experience. Compared with his “homogenous community in Newark, NJ of mainly African American families,” he says Pingry offered connections with students from varied backgrounds, he discovered the Honor Code, and he learned about keeping one’s word and the importance of hard work...

  • 1980s
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Class of 1992

Captain David Baird

Captain Baird ’92 is committed to helping ensure our nation’s security and pursued a career in the military partly because of Pingry’s Honor Code and its emphasis on ethical behavior, partly to work in an environment with similar core values, and partly to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, a Naval aviator.

  • 1990s
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Laurinda Stockwell

Award-winning artist Laurinda Stockwell taught at Pingry from 2000 to 2012; her courses spanned the Upper and Middle School, including Photography, Art Fundamentals, Clayworking, Jewelry, and Art for sixth-grade students...

  • 2000s
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Class of 2001

Gary Liu

Pingry gave Gary Liu ’01 a skill that he considered invaluable in launching his career: learning how to learn, and learning how to learn quickly...

  • 2000s
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Class of 1989

Chandra Cain Davis

Chandra Cain Davis ’89 likes people and stories and always wanted to be a lawyer. Growing up, she was told that her solid arguments made her persuasive...

  • 1980s
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Teacher and Coach

Randy Velischek

Pingry takes great pride in having industry experts as teachers and coaches whenever possible. One example is former professional ice hockey player Randy Velischek, who graced Pingry’s classrooms and coached in the rink from 2007–2009...

  • 2000s
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Class of 1994

Jennifer Joel

Appropriately, literary agent Jennifer Joel ’94 has been a voracious reader from an early age, always drawn to books and storytelling... 

  • 1990s
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Class of 1962

Robert Fullilove

One of the first African American students to integrate Pingry during the Civil Rights movement, Dr. Robert Fullilove III ’62 participated in the School’s Black History Month forum in 2021 and shared this memory...

  • 1960s
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Class of 1947

Jack Edmondson

With a law degree from the University of Virginia under his belt, Jack Edmondson ’47 began his career with Cooperative for Assistance and Emergency Relief Everywhere (CARE International) in Germany and Poland as part of the post–World War II Marshall Plan, a U.S. program that provided funding to Western Europe to help with economic recovery...

  • 1940s
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Class of 1979

Jeannie Weissglass

Visual artist Jeannie Weissglass was inspired to paint because of her mother, who was a painter, an interior designer, and an avid collector of unusual antiques.

  • 1970s
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Patti Euwer

Patti Euwer, a member of the Magistri, taught in the Lower School for 34 years, from 1986 to 2020; she spent 33 of those years with Grade 3 after teaching Grade 2 her first year.

  • 1980s
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