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Start your Pingry related research here

All members of the Pingry family, whether a current student or faculty member, alumni, or member of the greater Pingry community, are encouraged to do your Pingry research in the Pingry School Archives. Unlike published sources like books and newspapers, most of the school's holdings are unique and are only available here.

Who visits the Pingry School Archives?

Different people visit the Archives for different reasons. A student may be researching a new story for their latest Pingry Record article, while a faculty member might look to compare their math class with how one was taught 100 years ago. Alumni are often interested in seeing historical yearbooks, and current Pingry parents may be hoping to find the perfect photo of their child when they were in the third grade. For all of these people, the Pingry Archives gives them the opportunity to interact with the school's rich history.

Is visiting the archives like visiting the library?

Well...yes and no. In some ways the archives will remind you of a library. Like a public library, the archives is

  • a free source of historical information here for everyone to use
  • a quiet inviting space for you to pursue your own research
  • a place you can get some friendly advice and pointers on your research

However, libraries and archives collect different things and organize them in different ways. This variation will mean a different experience for you. For example:
Public libraries

  • collect published material (like books, magazines, and DVDs) of which there are usually many available copies
  • generally organize these materials by subject


  • collect rare or one-of-a-kind and usually unpublished information
  • more often organize records according to their origin

Classroom Integration

Helping to educate Pingry's talented student body is a real focus for the Pingry School Archives. The Middle School been learning about the Archives during their "Our Community" program for years, and Mr. Webster's history program regularly visits during their WWII unit. The Archives are currently working with Director of Research and Academic Innovation Dr. Danielle Mirliss to develop new and exciting ways to partner with the many academic departments at Pingry.

Handling instructions for archival materials

In order to prolong the life of Pingry's treasures, please follow these basic instructions for using archival materials:

  • Do not bring food and beverages into the archives.
  • Be sure hands are clean and free of food and lotions.
  • Open folders or portfolios flat on the table. Handle each item separately and carefully to avoid tears and scratches.
  • Use pencils only. Keep pencils and note pads on the table surface and not on archival materials.
  • Keep materials in the original order as they were given.
  • Use paper strips provided to mark for copying.

The Archivist reserves the right to restrict use of the fragile items in the collection.

When can I access the Archives?

Normal Hours:
9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Hours may vary.

Who can Access the Archives?

- Students
- Faculty
- Staff
- Alumni
- Community Members

To set up a research appointment, please email Peter Blasevick, the school's Archivist.


The Pingry School Archives provides the following services to the Pingry community:

  • Research assistance
  • Project consulting
  • Digital preservation
  • Classroom integration

Archivist assistance

Archivists do not just work with the materials; they work as historians and researchers as well, helping users with any projects or questions that they have. They are also there to answer any questions about how to handle primary materials. Feel free to ask any questions at any time.


The Pingry School Archives houses materials, images, information, videos, etc. that may be considered offensive or sensitive according to today's standards. These items reflect the attitudes of the times they were created. The items are preserved and retained to adequately represent the historical record of the Pingry School.