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Pingry Fund Volunteers

Becoming a Pingry Fund volunteer is a great way to learn more about the School and meet other parents, and it directly benefits your child’s experience. Pingry does not host an annual gala or events with a fundraising component to benefit The Pingry Fund; rather, we rely on parent volunteers to encourage participation from our community at various times throughout the school year. If you have questions or to become a Pingry Fund volunteer, please email Assistant Director of Development, Annual Giving and Parent Engagement Cecily Allison at or 908-647-5555, ext. 1221.

Letter from Pingry Fund Co-Chairs

Community at Pingry comes in many forms and brings with it many special moments that become lifelong memories. It might be a fascinating English class with a beloved teacher. It might be the donut Tuesday tradition in advisory.  It might be an overtime celebration with your teammates at sunset. The foundation of our Pingry community rests upon these small moments of belonging that our students experience every day, and we never know which one of those moments might change their life forever.

As Pingry Fund Chairs, we are excited to meet members of our community and learn about their special moments at Pingry. We hope that you will join us in making a contribution to The Pingry Fund—your support is essential in furthering the School's mission, and making sure all of our students have a transformative experience while at Pingry."

Pingry Fund Co-Chairs
Margaret Santana P'22, '24 and Jiayi Chen P'32, '35

Pingry Fund Co-Chairs

  • Margaret Santana P’22, ’24

  • Jiayi Chen P’32, ’35

Upper School Co-Chairs

  • Gayla and Lincoln Germain P’26

  • Mathangi and Ramesh Srinivas P’22, ’27

Middle School Co-Chairs

  • Adrienne Lowenstein P’29, ’33, ’35

  • Josh and Rachel Kalafer P’27, ’29

Lower School Co-Chairs

  • Tina Bradley P’34

  • Hallie Ulman P’27, ’31

And a HUGE thank you to all of our
Pingry Fund Parent Volunteers


Stephanie Abrahams Thomas DiTosto Therese Lizardo-Escaño Lauren Seminara
Katherine Ackermann Catrin Edell Ruidan Luo Denis Shmuler
Paige Albano-Nehmer Gregg Edell Elizabeth Maher Kira Shmuler
Janeene Balmir Yanping Fang Carolyn Mason Sarah Smith
Melissa Bartoli Holly Fields Elizabeth Minton Victoria Solomon
Soroya Campbell Lois Fitton Jenna O'Keefe Carol Soos
Tina Cassanelli Tian Fue Carol Ouzounian Sunny Sun
Juliet Davis Cindy Gilsenan Grace Park Lidiya Tornyova
Michael Davis Matthew Guest Christina Ross Pallavi Verma
Michelle DeCillis Paige Guest Jessica Sarenac Mary Weldon
Angelica Diaz-Martinez Amy Huang Kathryn Sartorius Ying Zhao
Melissa DiTosto Michelle Kean Robyn Schmidt Xin Zhou