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Student Safety and Wellbeing

Our Commitment to Student Safety and Wellbeing

Pingry takes seriously its duty to continuously and proactively ensure the safety of students, and to take swift and decisive action if that safety is compromised. Confronting our history with sexual abuse is troubling, yet it is an important part of our identity as an institution. Understanding and reckoning with our difficult past helps us move forward with clarity and confidence as we continuously outline clear expectations, policies, and boundaries that support healthy connections between students and trusted adults. 

Our history serves as a constant reminder that we must do better every single day. Pingry is confident that the sampling of work outlined below will strengthen our foundation and enable us to maintain our culture of safety for all.

For our Students:

  • Decisions Class in Lower School.
  • Safe spaces that support healthy connections between students and trusted adults (CAST Suite, affinity groups, advisory).
  • The Grade 8 Health curriculum teaches students how to identify and respond to sexual harassment and assault.
  • Protection and Reporting policies are reviewed regularly and fully outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • The School has designated certain employees as “Point People” who share the responsibility for receiving, responding to, and investigating sexual harassment reports. 

For our Employees:

  • All employees undergo a criminal background check as a condition of employment.
  • Before the start of school annually, new employees are trained in maintaining healthy boundaries with students and supporting a culture of safety, and these practices are reinforced with all employees throughout the year. 
  • On an annual basis, employees are trained in how to report suspected incidents of abuse or misconduct. 
  • All safety policies are reviewed annually and fully outlined in the Employee Handbook.