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Student Publications


Published twice each school year, this is the art and literary magazine by Upper School students.

The Pingry Record

Founded in 1895, The Pingry Record has the distinction of being the oldest continuously published country day school newspaper in the United States. The paper began as a "lark" by a group of boys who thought it might be fun to edit a newspaper containing school news. The first paper, handed from student to student, was largely regarded as a joke by the student body and became known as "The Bughouse Tribune."

However, its successful circulation around the school presented the opportunity for a real school paper in printed form. The idea pleased everyone, and Headmaster W.H. Corbin was asked to appoint a board of editors to start an official school publication. The first editor-in-chief was Barton W. Currie (class of 1895), who took his work very seriously. Currie later went on to become editor-in-chief of the Ladies' Home Journal in 1925.

Today, The Record is staffed by Upper School students who write, edit, and provide the artwork as well as the layout in Adobe InDesign.

Pingry Community Research Journal

A Journal of Scientific Research conducted by Pingry students.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs is Pingry’s student-run current events magazine, featuring Pingry students’ original analyses of serious national and world issues. Topics range from domestic politics and policy to business and economics, from science and technology to international affairs and the changing dynamics of the global system.

Since its inception in 1986, Vital Signs has grown and evolved, and has been recognized with numerous awards. Today, Vital Signs continues to be staffed by Upper School students, with faculty advising from Matthew Honohan of the Pingry History Department. Vital Signs provides an opportunity for our contributors to grapple with the questions that shape the modern era, and is the place where “Pingry Students Take the Pulse of the World.”


Pingry's premier linguistic magazine by Upper School students.

The Pingry Impression

The opportunity for Pingry students to share their honest opinions on a variety of pop-culture subjects. It gives both the writer & the reader an opportunity to broaden their perspectives and read about the opinions of the Pingry Community.

The Parker Road Review

The Parker Road Review aims to showcase the very best of The Pingry School's student humanities scholarship, while recalling that only through process do writers grow over time and that we never stop growing when we embrace the process.