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Balance, Performance, & Success

When we’re seen and known, when we’re healthy and well in body and mind–that’s when we’re ready to do our best work.

At Pingry, we believe well-being is central to student life and to our entire community. We are dedicated to a culture of care, empathy, and resilience. We seek always to strengthen our connection with one another, to provide a solid foundation so that our many varied interests may flourish, and to provide engaging, ongoing support. With us always is our mandate: to nurture and promote well-being among all members of the School—from students and families to faculty, staff, and alumni—a directive that drives us to aspire towards our goal of achieving a balanced, equitable, and complete framework of physical, mental, emotional, social, and academic health. Together we create a community that thrives.

Pingry is committed to developing a culture of resilience, good decision making, and proactive problem-solving, while cultivating a feeling of belonging and well-being in all community members.


The Counseling & Academic Support Team

Nine full-time counselors (distinct from our college counseling staff), including doctorates in psychology and a licensed social worker, are readily available to meet with students or parents separately, or speak with families together about challenges they may be facing. In addition to their regular presence throughout the school day, whether in Morning Meetings with students or periodic visits to advisories, for example, our counselors routinely consult with teachers and advisors to support their interactions with Pingry students. 


Well-Being Programming at Pingry



The Center for Performance & Leadership

Our students are athletes, performing artists, musicians, and brilliant academics—they are, in short, high-achieving, dynamic individuals. Their ability to perform under pressure and remain confident in their abilities is supported by The Center for Performance and Leadership. This pioneering institute, one of only a handful that exist in the country, and the only one at a high school in the world, is an expansion of our focus on supporting mental performance with the athletics and arts departments. Led by dynamic experts, the institute builds positive, resilient dynamics that lead to breakthrough performances, enhance student leadership, manage stressful moments in performance, and push past mental blocks that lead to droughts in performance. The Center works to maximize student potential. Our innovative, holistic approach ensures that Pingry students are equipped with the skills and resiliency to adapt to moments big and small—on the field, on the stage, and in life—confident in their ability to conquer life's challenges.


Brandyn Fisher, Director of Center for Performance and Leadership


The Center for Performance & Leadership creates better performers and leaders in all arenas of life in preparation for lifelong competition.


Experiential Education

Pingry students through the joy and challenge of hands-on activities.

I Am Pingry

Even as we set high standards—our students are still warm, witty, generous people.